Dampf Feuer

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Sir Dampf Zahnrad Feuer, son of the noble mage Barn Feuer, is a gnomish artificer of some renown currently residing on the Island of Thain. Originally a member of the Neverwinter Society of Artificers, Feuer is now a freelance entity, offering his services to many across the island. He is a member of the Rightsized Maidens and Knights, a co-founder of the the-amalgam-order, and the Chief Engineer of former davenshire. He is the former apprentice of the late jeri-theed-orman. Dampf is known for his innovative devices and gizmos, which often utilize steam or lightning as power sources.

Dampf was involved in the uprising against the Tirothian occupation of Davenshire, during which he was imprisoned and hanged. He survived the ordeal, and went on to command an auxiliary strike force during the war-of-the-ridgeshield against the Thayans. He is currently involved in the construction of sandburrow-bay, where he co-owns the-workshop-of-the-rightsized with eshean-tinkerer.

General Info:

  • Age: 45
  • Race: Rock Gnome
  • Homeland: Neverwinter
  • Height: 3'7"
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Hair: Bald (goatee is dark brown, speckled with gray)
  • Eyes: Blue-gray
  • Known Languages: Fluent in Common, Gnomish, and Dwarven (familiar with Elvish, Goblin, and Undercommon)
  • Deity: None (faithless)
  • Distinguishing Marks: Scar ringing his neck; mechanical right arm
  • Affiliations: Rightsized Maidens and Knights; The Amalgam Order; Circle Defense Forces
  • Gear: Various devices and gizmos; finely-crafted armor and weapons; lightning hammer; mechanical gauntlet

Early Life

Dampf Feuer was born in Neverwinter. His mother, a noble gnomish woman, died minutes after Dampf was born due to delivery complications. Dampf's father, Barn Feuer, a mage of some local renown, hired many servants and maids to raise Dampf. He was critically uninvolved in his son's early years. Barn was an arcane adviser to the local lord's court and was often away from home for long stretches of time. Dampf showed little promise as a spellcaster, preferring to read and write and build things with blocks. Barn took no interest in Dampf's progress after realizing his son had no future as a mage.

Dampf was sent away at ten years of age to a private school on the north end of the city. He excelled in many of his academic pursuits, but struggled socially, making few friends and coming off as abrasive and moody to most of his instructors. Being small and relatively weak, Dampf was often the target of bullies, and he tended to keep to himself to avoid confrontation. At thirteen, he mixed a mild firepowder using instructions from a book and set the concoction off during lunch hour. A few students suffered mild burns, and the curtains and tapestries in the common area were reduced to cinders. Dampf was expelled from the school and returned home to an irate father.

Barn wanted little to do with his son, and was frustrated with Dampf's tendency towards trouble. The pair rarely spoke, and fights often erupted when they did converse. Arguments over Dampf's future dominated the discussions. Dampf studied on his own for five years, progressing quickly in the realm of engineering and construction. He studied machinery, architecture, armor and weapon smithing, gem-cutting, and chemistry, as well as science, astronomy, and biology. Frequent explosions, fires, chemical leaks, and escalating fights forced Barn to ship his son off once again, this time to a university on the other side of the city.

At eighteen, Dampf was accepted at the University of Neverwinter. The young gnome studied there for six years, keeping his head down, and passed with the highest honors. It was in his senior year that Dampf began experimenting with steam power, building a working simple single-piston engine as his exit exam. Barn Feuer did not attend his son's graduation and Dampf did not return home.


Joining the Society

After working as an apprentice to the local armorsmith for several years, a young Dampf set off in search of something greater. He took odd jobs here and there — working as a clock-maker, a jewelry salesman, a forge-hand, and a coal-miner. At twenty-nine, not yet an adult by gnome standards, Dampf was approached by representatives from an organization known as the Society of Artificers. A dedicated group of engineers, scientists, and arcanists, the Society was Dampf's opportunity to put his unique set of skills to use. He was immediately relocated to the Society's headquarters — a large workshop and library on the west end of Neverwinter. There, Dampf met Grand Master Artificer Æther, as well as his fellow apprentices, who had been gathered from every corner of Faerun.

Also recruited in the same class as Dampf was a young, ambitious halfling named Brennen Böse. What Brennen lacked in sheer intelligence, he made up for in drive, tenacity, and ingenuity. Dampf and Brennen became fast friends, collaborating on many projects together, and moving up through the ranks of the Society as partners. The pair earned a reputation among other Society members, garnering respect and suspicion in equal measures. Notably, they received the attention of high-ranking members like Æther, the Grand Master himself.

In their fourth year as Society members, Dampf and Brennen began work on a project that would change their lives, shake the Society to its foundations, and eventually result in a tumultuous split that left Æther dead, Brennen exiled, and Dampf in hiding on the distant island of Thain.

The Gear Suit Project

Dampf and Brennen developed an idea for a mechanized suit of armor powered by steam that would house many tools and devices. Dampf intended for the Gear Suit, as it came to be called, to be a tool of convenience. The wearer could lift more, run faster, take the brunt of blows. He envisioned miners and dockworkers and the like utilizing similar suits. Crops could be harvested faster and cheaper, and manual labor in general would be carried out more efficiently.

Brennen, however, had other ideas. In recent years, the halfling had flourished under the wealth and attention showered upon the Society's golden boys. His ideas had become more complicated and dangerous, utilizing explosives, dangerous liquids, and weaponized machinery. Behind Dampf's back, he had been accepting military commissions, providing militias and criminal organizations alike with the tools he and Dampf had developed together.

Dampf and Brennen worked on the Gear Suit for a year and-a-half, their relationship straining under the weight of the project, and Brennen's increasingly manic nature became a point of contention with the formerly friendly duo. This dispute reached its climax three months before the Gear Suit's completion, when several crime lords operating out of Neverwinter began outfitting their enforcers with mechanized exoskeletons. Many innocents died because of the experimental suits' destructive capabilities and unstable power sources. The suits were recovered and destroyed by the Society shortly thereafter (if they hadn't exploded otherwise). A paper trail indicated Brennen in the sale of these suits, and he was stripped of his title and position, cast out of the Society, and exiled from Neverwinter.

Dampf, grief-stricken over the suffering his device had wrought, threatened to leave the Society. After being urged by Æther to stay on and finish the project alone, Dampf reluctantly obliged, carrying on where he and Brennen left off.

Brennen's Return and Dampf's Departure

Three months later, Brennen sneaked into Neverwinter and broke into the Society with the intention of stealing materials and schematics for his own use. He was halted by Æther and several other Society members in the entrance hall, and fought his way out using the weapons he had developed under Dampf's nose. Three Society members fell under waves of lightning and fire, and only Æther remained, horribly burned and close to death. Æther fired a wand of pure negative energy towards Brennen, dissolving the halfling's right arm completely. In a rage, Brennen killed Æther, and fled Neverwinter.

The Society was in shambles after the death of its longtime Grand Master. Never before had a former member fallen so far. Fearing for Dampf's life and his Gear Suit, the newly appointed Grand Master Eisen Himmel ordered the gnomish engineer away from the mainland, to put as much distance as he could between himself and the mad halfling known as Brennen.

Dampf, scarred by the murder of his friend and mentor, Æther, left Neverwinter. Three months later, he found himself on the Island of Thain.

The Arrival on Thain

Dampf arrived on the Island Thain via boat, carrying a prototype Gear Suit and a few meager supplies. Just offshore, the craft was attacked by pirates. Dampf defended the ship along with the crewmen, and killed one of the pirates (a formative event for the young, formerly peaceful engineer). The pirates, however, made off with Dampf's Gear Suit. As soon as the damaged vessel made port, Dampf set off in search of help.

He would find it in the form of Jeri Theed Orman and his Circle Defense Forces. Jeri took an immediate liking to the innovative and passionate gnomish engineer, and swore to help him recover the Gear Suit. The pair did indeed recover the suit from the lair of the pirates, and Jeri soon after offered Dampf an apprenticeship. The master-and-student relationship would soon grow into a partnership that would help shape the island, and a friendship that would shape Jeri and Dampf both.

The Tirothian Occupation

Dampf continued to train under Jeri and the rest of the C.D.F., though he refused to become a full member of the organization. While Jeri maintained his teacher position, he also learned a great deal from young Dampf, who utilized different techniques and materials than Jeri. At the height of their partnership, Dampf was also invited into the Rightsized Maidens and Knights, which he readily accepted. Dampf was knighted by Sir peter-highhill. The celebration would be short-lived, however, as soon after the foreign nation of Tiroth would invade Thain.

Tirothian forces landed in Davenshire and swiftly seized control, instating strict rules and curfews, and wresting control of the city from the governing body. Dampf, along with Peter Highhill and other members of the Rightsized Maidens and Knights, created a resistance force that secretly plotted a retaking of the town. Jeri also pledged his help, and the support of his Circle Defense Forces. In secret, Dampf and Jeri began forging weapons and armor with which to combat the Tirothian threat.

The plot was revealed to the Tirothians, however, and Dampf was taken into custody. Without due process, Dampf was sentenced to be executed by hanging before the Tirothian leadership, as well as Paydon Darkmare of the Thayan Enclave. Before any help could arrive, Dampf was publicly executed, and discarded into the ocean.

Dampf, however, had a plan up his sleeve, and survived the ordeal. Prior to his hanging, Dampf hollowed out a wand he had on his person, and fashioned a crude breathing tube. He inserted this into his throat, which effectively allowed him to breath without his airway becoming fully sealed. However, the force of the rope against his neck as he dropped from the gallows knocked him unconscious almost immediately, and he was barely alive when the Tirothians unceremoniously tossed him into the ocean.

His near-lifeless body was recovered by Jeri and a large group of others who had attended the execution. He was revived, and went into hiding so as to conceal his presence to the Tirothians.

Some months later, Dampf and a small force of Rightsized Maidens and Knights sneaked onto the Island of Tiroth, and planted explosives in the fortress there. The Tirothian fortress was obliterated, and the Tirothian forces on Thain immediately retreated, never to be seen again, thanks to the efforts of Dampf, Jeri, Peter, and the many others who fought for Davenshire's continued freedom.

The jubilation, however, was short-lived.

The Desolation of Davenshire

The Thayan Enclave, who was involved in the Tirothian occupation from the beginning, attacked Davenshire without provocation and called down arcane fire upon the city in an event dubbed the desolation-of-davenshire. The Thayan force responsible for this attempted genocide was headed by Paydon Darkmare himself. Davenshire was evacuated as the fire rained from the sky, but many residents did not survive the attack, and the city itself was completely destroyed, with much of the area scarred and blasted beyond recognition. Dampf, who was working in the mines below the city at the time, was caught in a cave-collapse, trapped under tons of rock and rubble. After a few days of work, he fashioned a crude drilling machine out of materials he had on hand, and managed to escape, emerging to find only desolation above.

After a recovery time of several weeks, Dampf pledged his aid to the Allied Forces of Thain, who were already mounting a counter-offensive on the Thayan Enclave. The war effort was headed by the Amalgam Order, with Zura Hailene taking charge, supported by Jeri Theed Orman and his C.D.F., the the-brotherhood-guards, the Keepers of Thain, the Rightsized Maidens and Knights, the stewards-of-hammersong, and the elven forces of greenvale all declaring war on the Enclave under a united banner. The War of the Ridgeshield, the largest conflict Thain had seen since the the-shadow-war, had begun.

The War of the Ridgeshield

For more of Dampf's history on Thain, see Of Fire and Steam.

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