Danath Eldurain

Danath Eldurain

Played by Renegade


Gold Elf & part Netherese (Shadovar).
160 years old.

Distinctive features:

- A pair of deep red, scaly bracers on his biceps.

- A large scar running over his left eye.

Danath no longer maintains an active Shadow Link.


Former member of the Shadow Thieves.
Bloodlink to the Shadow plane, specificly the Shadovar.
Maried to Kasith Eldurain and father of itarilde-eldurain ( 20 years ), a Lore Mistress, and Tamuril Eldurain ( 19 years ), a Bladesinger, and Arandir Eldurain( 18 years ), an Arcane Archer.

True Name:

Kathath Arathiliath

Deities of Worship:

Firm belief in:





Elven, Common, Draconic, Thieves Cant.

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