Daniel O'Choncobhair
  • Age: Arrived on Thain his 113th birthday. Between 114-125 by now.
  • Height: A little over 5' 11" ( 181 cm )
  • Weight: A little over 200 lbs ( 91 kg )
  • Eye color: Left eye is green right eye is blue.
  • Race: Half-elf
  • Alignment upon arrival: Chaotic Neutral
  • Current Alignment: ???
  • Current Classes and levels: 21 Ranger
  • Profession: Hunter-tracker, trap maker, trapper, archer and spy.
  • Patron deity: Arderak the Aspect of the WInd
  • Other deformities: The left side of his face shows obvious elven lineage and the right side is obviously human though some of its skin stretched to accommodate for the difference. (( Which is why he is so seldom seen without his helmet or hood. ))

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Brief back history:
A half-elven Ranger who dwells within the southern woods of Thain. His mother was a wood elf of unknown origin who had found her way to a land with little to no magic called eerland through unknown means. His arrival to Thain wasn't like most, as a fit and able youth at an astounding 113 years of life Daniel1 had far outlived most of his tribe in early ancient Eerland, his mother had succumbed to a human sickness while Daniel was very young, about the age of three, the only things he had from her and his father were memories now, she had taught him how to shoot a bow. Daniel was claimed a hunting prodigy of his village but nothing more as the rights to becoming chief were far more ancient and required pure blood. It never bothered Daniel as he spent time with the villagers even after his parents had long been gone.

Always leaning more towards his time spent in the wilds as his favored place it was no surprise that on his 113th birthday he was on a hunt to celebrate with the villagers. He had caught 1 buck and 13 rabbits, it seemed to him that magic was about as the druids of the land had always told him to watch for certain numbers. But to Daniel's shock as he returned to speak with the eldest of the druids in the village with his veritable feast he saw nothing but carnage. Foul misshapen green and blue dirty skinned creatures burned the homes and routed the warriors of the town the orcs, as Daniel found out much later in his life, had also brought their shamans who all wielded great magic much different from the druids of the village, it was a massacre.

Daniel attempted aid drawing his bow felling a few of the creatures from a great distance as they continued their rampage. But all it did was gain their attention and all Daniel could do for a moment was for the first time in his life, stand and watch like prey as they swarmed in mass up the hill after him voices raised in battle cry. He didn't know how long he watched their charge before he turned to flee into the woods leaving his freshly cleaned kills in the grass. He took himself through the woods as fast as his feet could take him, leaping over crevices and bushes to gain ground until he reached a clearing. With a brief glance over his shoulder he noticed he had gained a small bit of ground from the orcs who were having trouble with the terrain.

As he made to dash across the clearing he didn't notice the oddly colored and hidden ring of mushrooms in his path and as he drove for the deeper woods he stomped his foot right into its center. In a whirl of light and wind and a rush of smoke Daniel found himself standing in a cave with an old fire-pit and some dusty bedding, he took a moment to gather his senses and listened as the ringing in his ears faded, he didn't hear the sound of the beasts chasing him anymore. Upon closer inspection he had lost everything save the leather clothes on his back and his bow, which was in a shambles after whatever had happened. He also noticed that the cave he was in was filled with mushrooms, and oddly enough he had appeared within a perfect ring of all similar colored and sized specimens.

After salvaging what he could of his bow and making some of the most basic makeshift arrows he set out to explore his new home. On his first day out of the cave he explored nearby areas, found some essential supplies water, animals for hunting, wood and stones for arrows and he began setting to getting situated, until one day out on a regular hunt Daniel had found an encampment of the same creatures that had destroyed his village and massacred his people all set in front of a cave with more of them coming and going. Before he knew it they were upon him, howling and stomping along in chase it wasn't a long chase before Daniel noticed that the orcs had begun to fall lifeless in his wake. Curiosity drew him to look before he was then set on by armored archers and scouts that carried daggers dripping acid. They only gave him a few moments to begin running, but Daniel did not waste that time and set towards his cave, as he neared he saw more of the archers standing outside of it, barely dodging the hail of arrows that came from behind him Daniel had no choice but to leave the forest north.

It was a short time after that Daniel had found a trading outpost called the "Trade & Tackel" and learned that the strange new land he had come to was another island, but it was called Thain. He was curious about this new land and set about learning where it was he had appeared and had to later flee, Poisonwood, or rather once Greenwood. He begun his study of the island and its wilds in earnest as a giant hunter along the woods he was forced to flee. The elves an eerie reminder of his mother almost haunting him as he avoided their gaze on his hunts.


Histories since his arrival:
After a few years spent learning the islands ways Daniel had on a multitude of occasions returned back to Poisonwood to re-examine the cave and its mushrooms. After a great many run-ins with the guardians of the woods and several meetings with the elf eswyn, Daniel had found himself a guardian of the elves that at one time chased him from the woods he now sought to defend. Slowly and after a great many skirmishes at the gate to Poisonwood Daniel was finally allowed to pledge himself to the lands.

It was also during his time learning about the island that Daniel discovered its deities, the aspects and the histories of the other fallen gods. The chaotic mistress of the wind easily caught his attention as he was already at the point of letting the wind guide him, moving under her hand he had aided in several healings of the lands around the town Hamley and the rescue of the ranger Gaelwyn. Though like the chaotic winds Daniel isn't known to be all summer breezes and has been seen in the company of not only some the islands most well known adventurers of good but also some of the most notoriously evil as well, namely the poisonguard, Zhentarim and the High Priestess of Bane, Nasmat.

Despite cultivating relations with some of the islands most nefarious he made sure to keep his name clear in all of the southern woods, from the stone city Elisara in Greenvale to the settlement in the deepest reaches of Poisonwood. He had fought the lich Uultak and had defended the gates of both cities in earnest. Though the heritage of his mother is still a mystery to him Daniel has come to the conclusion that the same magic that brought him to the island must have been the same that brought his mother to his homeland one of his most lingering thoughts is if he was descended from elven blood of the island and even if not publicly he still searches for any clue to this mystery of his.

After a few years on the island he had begun developing more skills in his trapping and tracking ability as well as his ability to follow things hidden and silently. He has also begun recently experimenting with various materials for crafting traps as well as innovating new ideas in the field with careless tests. He can now skillfully craft the most needed materials for traps himself given proper time and equipment. Though there are the few that cant be man made and must be collected, never one to shy from decent hard work he can usually be found collecting these himself unless pressed for time, in which case he isn't above hiring help.

Another skill that he had developed in his time defending the southern woods was melee combat with the sword and shield, he had always had talent with his great-axe but when defending its best to be prepared for defense, at the side of the elves that called the southern lands their homes. He had also begun forming a bond with the southern lands and had managed to find a dwindling wolf pup wandering the poisoned lands, with much effort he nursed the beast back to health feeding it native animals that had bred an innate immunity to the toxins of the woods. The beast grew strong and loyal and found others and led them to Daniel's kind hand, he labeled them proudly, the "Poison Wolves". His, they were his pack and he made sure they learned the ways of the hunt and the pack life, even when away the one that had chosen him, "Kouta" held the packs order as alpha yielding only to Daniel, and sometimes not until after a fight.


More time had passed and he had assembled a small team, his "southern pack" Draug an elven ranger of barbaric lineage had become a close and trusted ally, as well as a certain human female, which surprised Daniel. Sillia Goodman a salty brave lady of the sea who had been improperly left on the island by a mutinous crew.

It had been a decent few seasons since Dan had seen any of his compatriots, though he still held his ground as a guardian of Poisonwood he felt as though the defensive force was dwindling, he made best his efforts to keep the guard force assembled and managed to form a somewhat ragtag group of various miscreants Alton, who was brought in by Eswyn also was a cleric and dragon-kin of black chromatic lineage, Litiana a pale mistress and practitioner of the darker arts, Sillia when she was present held a stalwart position of front-line fighting while Daniel held back with his arrows until he was forced to draw his sword. Together they were a decent force but they were scattered, Litiana always had her own projects to attend, Eswyn was around but usually out of sight, Alton was having trouble with a safe home for the rest of his brood and Draug had all but vanished into the woods themselves as the ranger was known to do occasionally. All this did was drive Daniel to focus his training even harder among the elves to make it clear that he would never vanish from their side.

As more time passed as any man willing to stand for what he believed in, he gained enemies as far as he could count a good many. Though in turn he had also gained family, kin-ship and respect from those he considered worth his time. He spent much time in the southern woods, though he did see his fair share of travels on the island becoming very well acquainted with woodland trails and hidden paths as well as the creatures that dwelt throughout the island. An offset of learning so much about the denizens of the island was it also gave him time to practice his skills in a great many forms of combat.


Now when he walked he was sure of himself, confident of his abilities with every weapon he carried; he still didn't wear plate mail as it was to noisy and heavy for the tactics he often employed. But a high cleric of the woods had altered a set of the chain mail to suit his needs more thoroughly, it made noise but not enough to get him noticed and it still bore the glow that all the sets of armor he had worn before had.

He had earned the title that day, the "Poisonwood Hunter", he wore it proudly though had it not been for the salty plate wearing stout heart Sillia he might have fallen with the rest of the warriors that had defended the gate from the elven raiders of the north.

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