Darla Undenbottlin

((Played by Legolasgirl1987 ))
Full name: Darla Undenbottlin
Race: Halfling/ Para-elemental
Class: 15 Wizard
Profession: Merchant, Robe Enchantress and seamstress.
Hair: Ruby red
Eyes: Sky Blue
Marks: None
Notable features: None
Location: greenvale
Affliations: Student of the School of Magic
Languages known: Common (fluent), Elven (semi-fluent)

Darla was a student to a powerful wizard, he started off as a kind and gentle soul but soon became power hungry and malicious. He performed gruesome and cruel experiments on her for his research. When the towns people found out about his experimenting that tried to run him out of town, he retaliated by conjuring a horde of Balors to destroy the town. When they came for him after the town was destroyed, he transferred his soul into Darla. When they found him apparently dead they turned their frustrations on poor Darla, they cast her out with nothing but her spellbook. Since she wasn't that experienced they decided that she wasn't worth their time and just banished her. After wandering around she wandered upon the Island of Thain…

However it now appears that she has forgotten much of her life, she has fiery runes adorning her skin. After some of Chrysille's research was found by Tedya Amana, it appears as though he and Zenthos (Darla's mentor) were in league with each other. The runes were designed to bring out Darla's elemental side, but fell dormant when Zenthos was killed. They only reactivated after a trip into Felkhorn's lair in the Drakamyre, since then Darla has been exhibiting traits of a fire elemental; The need to be constantly hot and being wreathed in flames when she is either in the school tower or walking around outside, away from the island's settlements.

The rest of Darla's story

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