Daron Vantalti

Half Brass Dragon

  • Height: 6’ 4”
  • Skin: Fair / Brassy / Scaled
  • Eyes: Green with reptilian pupils.
  • Build: Atheletic.
  • Hair: Brassy-Blonde, shoulder length, often tied in a simple ponytail.
  • Features: Large Brass leathered wings, long prehensile tail, horns.

Daron looks to be a young man perhaps in his early twenties, his pleasant features are framed in bright and shiny brassy-blond locks that fall to his shoulders when not tied back in a simple ponytail. His ears seem to be slightly pointed and his eyes are an intense piercing green. He is most often seen with a smile on his lips. Small brassy scales and ridges, smooth and dry to the touch, can be seen around his eyes, ears, throat and hands and his enlarged K9s give him a slightly feral look. Two six inch horns poke out of his hair and sweep back curving over his skull.

His most draconic features, the scales on his back wings and his tail reflect a shiny metallic brass.


  • Keen sense of scent and enhanced eyesight.
  • Some herbal lore and use.
  • Dabbler's knowledge of the arcane.
  • Well Spoken
  • Brass dragon's gift for tounges; Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Celestial, Undercommon +more.


Born on a caravan traveling between Silverymoon and Waterdeep, Daron never had a permanent home growing up. His mother traveled with him stopping to live for up to a year in different welcoming communities all over Faerun, a habit Daron continues in part driven by the wanderlust inherent in his blood. After hearing stories of an island where the dragon-blooded seemed to gather he felt Thain calling to his blood and booked passage. His first years spent on the island were split between exploring the land, learning it's rich history and living amongst the various communities.

He lived a year in Davenshire amongst the high-spirited Hin, where he learned to appreciate the joy in even the common everyday things. After a time he lived with the fair-minded and tolerant elves of Elisara from whom he learned an appreciation for serenity and found meaning from the simple elegance in all things. His year with the proud dwarves of Hammersong instilled in him the value of hard work, and the equal value in hard celebrations. He is known to jest that of his year in the 'Song he remembers little more than six months of it.

Shortly before his transformation Daron was traveling with companions through the Moribund Bog when a massive Black Dragon landed near them and demanded they answer questions about the island. The great Vutha called herself Verifax and singled out Daron because of what she scented in his blood. As far as he is aware this was the very first sighting of the dangerous Wyrm.

He could feel the change approaching as his blood gained in potency, he asked his dear friend Anna Grewynn to accompany him for a visit to Elisara before his heritage would banish him from all the comforts of the civilized world. Perhaps his recent encounter with the Vutha had triggered something deep in his blood but he miscalculated and began his transformation in the middle of the elven city. They managed to make their way to the nearby grove before the guards took too much notice, but by the next dawn Daron was no longer welcome in the places he had once called home.

Brass dragons are social creatures who revel in gathering with all manner of beings and so the life of an outcast did not sit well with Daron. After a short time in relative solitude he refused to skulk alone or be forced to linger in the questionable company of Raven's Watch and so he found a spot along the road just north of the trade, just out of sight of the guards where a large rock broke through the dirt and claimed it as his own. For a time Daron's Rock was a more popular gathering spot than the trade fire, and he welcomed all peaceful folk to gather and share in common fellowship. He made many friends during this time and did much for teaching the difference of and improving the reputation of metallic dragonkin. On Thain, strife follows even the blessed of Bahamut, and not all visitors to the rock were friendly. Some battles were fought, more battles were avoided as his friends stood with him against the small minded until one day a group of Knights took interest in the gathering. Daron's friends leapt to his defense but the Knights would not be dissuaded. Try as he might the battle could not be avoided and some were killed in his defense. In all his time as an outcast he had never raised his blade to any defender of the land. The deaths in his name shook him deeply and he realized it was his own arrogance in the rightness of his cause that lead to the fateful confrontation. Daron's rock was abandoned.

Seeming alone on an island of Tiamat's spawn, Daron held an uneasy truce with those chromatics who seemed interested only in living their lives peacefully. It was not to last however as Verifax began to spread her influence and embolden those prone to cause trouble, especially the Darkscales.

to be continued…

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