Played by Doffen

Basic Info.


Birth: Unknown
Death: Unknown (Confirmed)
Race: Half Deep-Gnome
Class: Ranger / Rogue

Dredoc was born in a well made by the elves along the sword coast. His mother fell into the well while Dredoc was still unborn. The well was empty, though it's said that the only reason they survived was the bed of the mushrooms they fell upon. Dredoc was born, and they lived down there, only living on mushroom and rain water for three weeks before a dwarf, Dorin Hammerfed saved them up with a rescue rope. His mother, crazed by the situation, killed Dorin Hammerfed in fear of becoming, in her own words, "a tasty ham of gnome meat". After this incident, Dredoc was becoming religious fanatic about the well, and traveled to the well five documented times before his death. Funny enough, the death of Dredoc was not meant to be on the glorious battlefield. He ate a can of the poisonous mushroom Giftmorkel and died with his wolf, Shinsha.

Dredoc on Thain

Among one of the first to join the right-sized-maidens-and-knights, he was claimed to be one of the most unimportant, but interesting of the Gnomes. Among other things, he was in a relationship with Dandelion, one of the founders of the right-sized-maidens-and-knights. Dredoc was one of the first to know the legendary necromancer Malefice the Pale, and they had a special relationship, especially since Malefice cared to learn his language, Svirfneblin . Known for his great smile and big grins, he was great at hugging women, making them melt under his charming appearance. One of the reasons for this success, however, was not the fact that he was such a handsome bloke, he merely looked rather poor, naive and helpless, which made people feel sorry for him.

He was a useless fighter with few abilities in combat. He did, however, have a remarkable talent with animals. His Wolf, Shinsha, was a trustfull companion which did more for their common interest then Dredoc himself. Dredoc was more interested in pittying himself then making something out of himself. This was his true talent.

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