Also Known As: Rael Damus Andretsch, Jack, Dret, Ret, Mister Black, Black Jack, Northwind, "Hunter", "That Bastard"

Race: Human
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Hair: Dark
Eyes: Cold Blue
Apparent Age: 30 years


Dretsch is a tall, rugged man, with long dark hair, and calm blue eyes. His rough-hewn features might be considered handsome if he were to clean up more often. The tops of his hands are inked with intricate designs and symbols that appear to continue further up his arms.

The blackened leathers and other gear he wears are weathered but in good order. Around his neck is a simple chain bearing an unremarkable amulet, and a few bestial teeth and claws.

He speaks well, and there is a certain ease and smirking confidence about how he carries himself.

Notable OOC History/Details on Thain

  • Member of the Ravenguard (see poisonguard) during the Crater Lake Fort era.
  • Boss of the Dawn of Shadows Guild in Raven's Watch
  • Walk freely amongst the Elves of the Poisonwood Forest, by the grace of the former General Kintaro
  • Carries Morier, a Katana of dark force, which gains it power from the shadows, a gift from General Kintaro for services completed
  • Enemy of Greenvale after an attempted kidnapping of the the Queen of Greenvale. Led to the death of Gzalmash the Silver in the process.
  • Privileged member of the Black Market Guild. Lodges in Room #7
  • Creator of the Fray, a roguish underground fight club that has little morals
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