Drusilla Tamrakin

Dru was born in a metalworking village in Kara-Tur. Her mother is a bladesmith, her father a jeweler. She made her first knives at her mothers' forge at the age of ten.

My family has worked metal for generations—I'm a bladesmith, so I'm versed in alloying, tempering, annealing and working at the forge. I learned to make escapements, latches, clockworks, and an assortment of clever mechanisms in my father's jewelry shop when I was young as well as different methods of casting. I hope my knowledge of metal technique can help.
(from her letter applying to join the CDF)


On Thain
Arriving at 17, (currently in her late twenties) she began studying magic under Red at the Crater Lake fort, then studied with Mialee Galanodel, former Keeper. She began experimenting with small golems after studying the Shield Golem in the Nachtlicht. After the the-shadow-war she joined the CDF, where she held the title Chief Engineer and worked on golems in the rooms-of-ruin and used the energy forge there to produce beautiful blades. She remained in the group for a while after the fall of the Rooms, hoping a way would be found to wrest control from the Mechanist units, but eventually resigned to pursue her own studies rather than be just a magic-slinger for the CDF.

Dru's Thain IC thread

Etymology note: Tamrakin from sanskrit tamra, copper.

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