Elith Sianicen

Character’s Full Name: Elith Sianicen

Character’s Nickname(s): Elith Estel Acharn

Significance of the name and/or nickname: Formerly known as Natia En'Ruth Colìndo, the nickname meant “Elf the Anger Carrier”, a remainder from his imprisonment by the Gis’Rantha (Elves of the Poisonwood), even though very few people know of it.
Later, Elith became a Baelnorn thanks to the Ritual of Undying Servitude (a ritual of High Elven Magic) performed by Elisara's Spirit, who offered him the gift of the Seldarine.
After the transformation was complete, the Spirit Queen named him Elith "Estel Acharn", in order to remind him the Duty he was now bound to, the Duty of bringing Hope to the Elves and Vengeance to the Elves' enemies.

Age: 600 (when alive)

Appearing Age/Why: Wrinkled face and slow moving, unless enchanted

Hair Color and Style: White Hair, long, coming down to his shoulder.

Eye Color: Green

Height: 1.70 m

Weight: 65 kg

Bodytype/Build: Slim build

Shape of Face and Distinguishing Features: At first glance he seems a regular elf, the unsettling thing relies in the fact his skin is much wrinkled and stretsched on the bones, his face seems always worn by travelling. After awhile spent with him, some might notice that he doesn't seem to breath, eat, drink or sleep at all.

A distinct sign is a nasty looking scar going all around his neck.

Skin Tone: Pink

Cleanliness: He has a rugged and unkept aspect, he is not very fond of baths and doesn’t put much effort in keeping himself sparkling clean..

Noticeable handicaps: He is very slow and has a coarse and rasping voice.

Thing the character would most like to change about him/herself and why: For long, he wanted to have dedicated much more time in learning the secrets of the weave, since he felt his life was finishing. Now, after becoming a Baelnorn, he would have wanted to have never lost track of his Purposes: keeping Thain's Elven Lore, Re-unification of Thain Elves, defence of the Elven Communities from the Ancient Evils that always threaten them.

Intelligences and Attitudes: He's quite and, often, when he talks, he does it out of the blue, sometimes saying wrong things to the wrong people, as if not fully understanding his surroundings. When it happens, seldomly is funny.
He is intelligent and able to read, a trait that allowed him to become a respected Lore Master. What he lacked in reading, he learnt thorugh exploring and adventuring, some would say spelunking.

List any personality traits that apply to your character: Elith holds grudges and is mostly a loner, doesn’t like to spend more than the necessary time in populated grounds, he enjoys silence and calm, even though a blunt joke at the proper time will make him laugh hard.

Others Personal Attributes: Since he spent almost his whole life among uneducated people and travelling he is not aware of how “normal” people live, making him rather unorthodox in his perceptions of others.
Given the old age and the status reached within the Circus, also, thanks of the recognition he obtained during his time on the island of Thain, he is rather annoyed when he is not acknowledged properly, showing yet another sign of his rather narrow mind.
Also, he is most often than not distracted by his own thoughts, detaching himself from the present place and situation.

Talents: He showed his inclination and proficiency with the Weave a very long time ago but never had the patience to learn to play an instrument and become a bard nor focus on studying the Weave as a wizard, instead he focused on learning, at first, more tricks then, after his arrival on Thain, he had been forced to learn how to survive and be, at least, independent. At present he is a Master in the Arcane.

Drive and Motivators in Character’s Life: Curiosity and Duty. He is curious and tries to know and learn as much as possible he is trying to make up for the lost time. Since the transformation in Baelnorn, his very essence is linked to Elisara's Duty: to bring Hope and Vengeance.

Likes: He likes quiet, silence, the feeling of the Weave coursing through him when unleashing spells, winning a challenge outsmarting his opponent, hearing a blunt joke, travelling for the sake of learning and discover places.

Dislikes: He dislikes inflicting useless pain, unless it is in order to settle a score upon which he held a grudge. He would take pleasure in the revenge, while not in inflicting the pain. He also hates everything that relates to Uultak, and Demon/Devil spawns.

Pet peeves: Settling scores, manners.

Value Placed on Things and Why: He values gold, an old trait since he was in the Circus, his own magical power, as it is the thing that allows him to be self sufficient and independent, he also values the Rune of Hope, given to him by Elisara’s ghost, which prevented him to go completely insane during his imprisonment within the Poisonwood.

Spirituality: He always thanks Farlanghn for the road travelled the day, hoping to walk the same amount the next one. It is a prayer to be intended both litterally as in miles walked, but also in the way of learning each passing day, thanking for having finally found his path.
Now, Elith firmly believes in Elisara's dream and he is bound to it by personal choice.

Family: Most of it dead at the hands of Orcs and Abominations when the Hand of the Seldarine fell.

- Nelie Steel, but has been a long time since he last saw her.
- At times, he travelled with Klaudius Korvallis.
- Funnily enough, despite the (self conscient) knowledge of untrustworthiness and unreliability that permeates the thief Jaes Aray, Elith enjoys the thief company more than many others, since the human always shows the light side of life living, enjoying it at its fullest, something Elith was never able to do and something he truly admires about the scoundrel.
- Kellenri and Styvn, for their dedication to the Elven Community and their deep interest and knowledge about Elven Lore.

Pets: A raven he feeds in Greenvale.

Significant Personal History before Thain: Elith spent his life so far among travelling Circus, he always got by without thinking much of tomorrow, his life had always been the Circus so he adapted, learning what he could from place to place, dwelling in his caltrops and simple spells.
He whitstood many generations of humans, half-elves, gnomes, halflings and half-orcs, joining, leaving, borning and dieining in the Circus, all the time he never worried about anything, he collected stories and learned tricks, living a peaceful life with is simple yet everchanging surroundings.
During one of the visit to the city of Atkhatla with the Circus when a child asked him “how old are you?” and shortly after hearing the answer with goggled eyes continued “you must have done and seen incredible things!”. It was then that he felt an oppressing sense of failure and delusion, as if in his life he accomplished nothing, thus, packed his few belongings, left his routinary, yet somehow adventury, life with the Circus and boarded the first ship leaving, reaching the Island of Thain, driven by the desire of realizing something, anything or, at least, find a purpose after all the time spent wandering with the many Circus.

Birthplace: Severed Hand, formerly known as the Hand of the Seldarine, in the Spine of the World.

Upbringing: Lived with various travelling Circus around the realms, his introvert character never let him be too pleasant and open.

Education: Self thought, he learnt to read little by little and enjoyed it immensely, since he learnt he kept reading adventures books and treatises on history, given the cost of the manuscripts, his library isn’t very vast, thus his knoweledge is not as broad as it could be.

Biggest Success: Escaping from Poisonwood Imprisonment

Current Situation: Elith is a Baelnorn and the Master Abjurer in Greenvale School of Magic.

Residence: He travels most of his time, but his residence is in Greenvale, within the Academy.

Belongings: His enchanted, tattered, patched up and long overused clothes, a magical Staff, five magical waist pouches, which allows him to carry many of his utensils and scrolls. Hanging at his side, now, there's always a beautiful longsword.

Job/ Employment He is a Master in Abjuration, a scroll scriber and Gem enchanter.

Relationships: As said, he's a loner, he doesn’t have relationships other than showing cordiality.

Hardships that linger: Against Uultak, Devil and Demonspawns.

Delights that linger: He enjoys the warm feeling of the sun on his skin.

Biggest Regret: Not having started earlier to look for his path and goal.

Secrets and who knows about them: Few knows of his imprisonment (Eswyn, Daniel O’Choncobhair, The Lady, Kryn and Marsolis Dusklorn (the latter are the ones who restored his connection with the Weave, breaking the Spiked Collar).

Secret Hopes and Dreams:See the Elves reunited.

Places character would like to visit: Sigil.

Things character would like to do: Become a Teacher in the Magic Academy of Greenvale.

People character would like to meet: Carylduil Eftwin, Elithrudor Lyonalley, Halaster, Eliswathe El’Drenion.

Who character would most like to emulate and why: He would like to emulate ELythrudor Lyonalley because he managed to collect all the history of the Elves of Thain, He would also like to emulate Eliswathe El’Drenion because of her great courage, loyalty (despite it was to the dark side) and skills showed in battle during the Second Shadow War.

Long-range goals: After becoming a thorn in the side of the Order of Syann, see it destroyed and the Elves reunited. Become a teacher of the Greenvale magic Academy as a recognized Master of the Arcane.

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