Elwrath Mezhuul

Race: Elf

Age: 382

Languages: Abyssal, Infernal, Drow, Draconic, Elven, Common

Talents: A skilled gadgetmaker, some skill in runecrafting, An accomplished necromancer, Skilled in the use of portals as a means of inter-planar travel.

Flaws: Elwrath is remarkably weak to the charms of the opposite gender. While he only considers other elves for anything more than friends (this includes any sort of elf, wild elf, drow, whatever) he pays attention if a lovely human female strolls by. Also, while he has few true friends, he is loyal until the person in question actively attempts to kill him. He often underestimates his enemies, which leads to a few undesirable endings at times.

Appearance: he looks like any other elf, if one does not take into accord the black iron mask that covers the entire left side of his face. This mask is riddled with intricately carved runes that pulse a weak, blue light. His left eye is merely a dead socket with a weakly glowing, red light in it. His hair is black as a raven and if he were to shave his head, one would notice a deep scar running from the front left of his forehead, to the back right in his neck. This scar looks much like a claw wound and if one were to have one of the massive talons of a balor, then one would notice the size matches exactly. Apart from his peculiar face, elwrath recently suffered the effects of a massive overpowering of a spell. Resulting in a phenomenal explosion which rendered 90% of his nerves useless. Thus he feels nearly nothing of the pain inflicted on him which makes him prone to fainting from untended bloodloss. An other side-effect of this is that he is unable to sense the weariness of hi own body, thus he can run for great distances before his body collapses from stress.

Elwrath Mezhuul is the son of Gharroth Mezhuul, a warlock of some renown. As Elwrath grew, it became apparent that he had a knack for the necromatic side of magic. Animating his first corpse at the age of 22, he was frowned upon by his father who wanted him to focus more on the conjurationbased side of magic. Garroth had often dealt with both devils and demons in the past which gave him first-hand knowledge on how to safeguard himself and others from the dangerous influence those beings have on a mortal soul. Elwraths mother was never known to him as she perished during the process of giving birth, however, his Mothers sister however was a druidess of a close by circle. Her name was Isotheria and she was partially the reason why Elwrath came to thain.

As Elwrath progressed, he was forcibly taken by his father on his first ever planar travel. This trip went to the Abyssal lair of the Balor high lord named Baalmoriel, where Gharroth forced Elwrath to make a pact with the demon. In return of Els work on the prime, the lord would supply him with various infernal and abyssal beings under his control when the time came. Elwrath had no say in this manner, but he was painfully aware that his fate was sealed. Time went by and Elwrath slowly, but certainly became adept with the means of planar traveling on his own. Often spending time under magical veils of invisibility provided by Baalmoriel, Elwrath would scout positions of the infernal enemies in the grey wastes of hades. While Els visits never lasted very long, due to the planes innate ability to make any visitor slowly deny leaving, he did witness something that changed his life.

As he lay on a ridge, watching an emcampment of devils, a horrific roar thundered through the valley. Elwrath turned his head and looked down below. A solitary balor was in a dire situation as several mercenary Yugoloths had ambushed it and its small group of mariliths. The mariliths were long dead, carved into pieces by the cruel weapons of the yugoloths, but the balor had somehow lost its mighty vorpal sword and was fighting the heavily armed mercenaries with its bare hands. Elwrath looked about for the blade and saw it stuck in a rock not far away. Slowly, and under the mighty veil, he made his way over to the blade and called forth the power of his master to yank the blade free. As he crept back to the fight, one of the mercenaries noted the blade was gone and cast a spell of true seeing. Elwrath was spotted and the Yugoloth shrieked and disengaged from the fight in order to kill Elwrath. As it turned its back on the Balor, however, the mighty hand of the demon came down and severed the head of the mercenary. El grinned and dashed over to the demon, barely dodging the weapons directed at him on his way in. As the balor got its weapon back, the tide of battle was soon turned and the Yugoloths were easily dispatched. While most demons would take the sword and go, this one was a little different. As Elwrath bowed his head in submission as he was tought to do in the prescence of Balori, the mighty fiend laughed a rumbling laugh. It then proceeded to let El know that it was indebted to him for actually saving its life. This balor had honour and Elwrath was thrilled to have a mighty balori as an ally.

Time went by and Elwrath returned to the prime, living peacefully untill the fateful day when a passing by human yelled an insult to Elwrath about his mother. Elwrath is a very proud elf and this caused him to totally snap, he growled the horrendous words which called the balor to him, as elwrath was totally blacked out in fury, he ordered the demon to destroy everything it saw. Which fitted the demon perfectly and it cast a woefully powerful spell causing mighty meteors to impact the area around it. Everything within visual range exept a few yards radius of the demon was completely obliterated and Elwrath was held resposible. He was given the choice of death, or exile after having drunk a brew which would make him forget much of his abilities, including the powerful words needed to conjure forth the balor. Elwrath chose the latter and simultaeously swore revenge against the circle who forced him to do it. As the power of the brew began having effect, Elwrath forgot nearly everything h ever knew about magic.

This was the condition he was in when he got the letter from isotheria on thain, stating that a certain lady on the isle was looking for an apprentice.

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