• Race - Avarial
  • Height - 5'1"
  • Weight 110 lbs.
  • Eyes - Blue, or Shadow Black
  • Hair - White

A shadow touched Avarial, Eshtarra mixes the skills of a mage with the mastery of shadow. Always curious, she constantly explores her surroundings. Her flighty nature makes her uncomfortable underground, though she has managed to come to grips with her fears, and push through them.

She is flighty, but has aided the forces of good many times in the past, often to her own suffering. Her shadow nature has made her feared by many, though she has recently made strides in reversing this perception, and is currently a student at the School of Wizardry.

She is also a skilled musician, playing and singing at many events throughout the Isle, as well as the Tin Tankard. She currently has no home, preferring to wander as her nature dictates.

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