Race: Elf.
Age: 150.
Height: 5'8".
Weight: 140lb.
Appearance: Smooth pale skin with hints of blue-grey, showing his moon-elf blood. He has a well-proportioned face with large dark eyes, a straight nose and a wide, delicate mouth framed by long silvery-grey hair. He is Slender and not obviously strong, but he walks quietly and moves quickly.
Languages: Elvish, Common, Undercommon. His voice is strong, when he speaks, and his accent is obviously well-taught.
Profession: Bowyer, Fletcher, Wand-maker, Mushroom cultivator, Ranger (and member of the poisonguard).
Patron deity: Loviatar.
Fields of knowledge: Magic (though it doesn't go much beyond his innate abilities); bows, arrows and archery; Wand-making; mycology.
Tattoos/scars: One very thin scar running down his left jawline. On his upper arms he has several golden scar-tattoos made of molten gold being painted onto his flesh and burning into it.
Class split: Sorcerer 19 Ranger 1
Regular gear: Usually he will be seen in a black and blue tunic with blue trousers, dark red boots and a black and red cape adorned with silvery runes. When on duty, he wears smart green and brown leathers and a dark brown cape, with a dark metal helmet covering his face. He always carries at least one powerful longbow, and he generally uses his own hair as bowstrings (on his own bow - on bows he makes for others he uses other kinds of strings). He wears a long whip coiled around his waist but he is not often seen using it.
IC threads of interest: Bring the Pain, Forbidden Fruit, A New Friend, A Disappearance on the Road, Poisonwood Traitors

Eswyn remembers little of his own past, and having found a home on Thain he isn't particularly interested in finding out. What little he does remember of his childhood is not very pleasant and he will never talk about it.

He does remember being washed up on the island of Thain one stormy night when he was still quite young, and he realises that his association with Loviatar dates from before his arrival on the Island. He enjoys the effects of pain, in himself as much as others, and will sometimes ask questions about how people feel, if he notices them suffering for one reason or another.

He loves the taste of mushrooms and tries to propagate his favourite ones in as many places as he can around the island. He prefers woodland and forest to any other kind of place and he dislikes places made of stone, though he will tolerate even caves and underground places if he has a good reason to go there. He is terrified of heights and has a number of ways to cope with them.

He is very polite, but the politeness is his way of covering up his clumsiness and habit of taking things literally. He listens more than he speaks, especially when he's in a crowd .. he doesn't trust strangers at all. In relaxed company he can be fairly cruel and callous and in any case he'll rarely help someone in trouble unless he knows them. However, he is interested in pain, not death, and will sometimes come to another's aid if it will result in prolonged pain rather than death.

He's an excellent shot with a bow - and is happy to show this off. He also knows a good deal of magic, but he doesn't really like showing this off - he doesn't always use it if there are strangers around. He knows his magic is connected to his emotions and feelings, and his use of it is not entirely conscious, though as he's grown he's learned to control it much better.

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