Etrich Zurn

Name: Etrich Zurn
Race: Human, Mulan
Profession: Priest of Kossuth
Birthplace: Eltabbar, Thay
Guild Affiliations:

A slight thin human man stands before you, cleanly shaved from all hairs, both on his head and body. To someone who have the knowledge, it would be clear that he is Mulan. His accent tells you he hails from the city of Eltabbar in the nation of Thay.

He walks with the grace of a noble and carries himself in such ways that he may seem arrogant.

Around his neck is a visible talisman of a springing flame, the symbol of Kossuth.

His last name, Zurn, is a noble name known in some circles in Thay. The Zurn family runs a successful business in acquiring and trading in slaves.

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