Franck Steiner
  • Race - Human
  • Height - 6' 11"
  • Weight - 270lb
  • Hair - Grey
  • Eyes - Blue
  • Apparent Age - 46
  • Current Status - Deceased


Franck is a tall man, though broad with it. He carries the bulk of a warrior, not a lazy merchant. That said, his age is beginning to tell, his muscles softening, the spring in his step less apparent. He still has a core of solid steel though, and a determination apparent on his face when he fights or argues.

He is intensely proud of being a Keeper, and will usually be seen walking the isle in his blue robes. Unfortunately, he often goes through them quickly as his enemies, of which there are a good few, will rarely allow him time to return to Hamley to armour himself. Franck favours plate armour, figuring that with his size people are going to hit him, he just has to stop it hurting. He currently wears a beautiful suit specially crafted for him by Bunar of Hammersong, finished in an unique blue enamel crafted at some cost by Master Crafter Bjorgnar. As for arming himself, he favours the greatsword. He uses one of Morren's blades, the Greatsword of Clout, though it has since been heavily enchanted by an elven mage. Recently it was given a glowing nimbus by the pixie Fre'ira for rescuing her master from the clutches of the Razorfang. Rumour has reached him the fiends of the isle believe the sword to be blessed by the gods, the better to strike at them. Franck does nothing to dispel this rumour.

Amongst friends he is open and warm, always happy to lend his hand, or sword, to assist. He is also trusting of newcomers, welcoming all to the isle until they have made their character clear. Should someone cross him or a friend, however, he is unforgiving, holding a grudge for many years. Is is also very plain in his speech. He prefers to simply say what is on his mind then deal with any issues rather than sugar-coat his words. This has caused serious problems in the past, particularly with certain lords of the isle and even amongst his friends.


Franck was born and raised in a small town called Forgard, some 40 miles north of Suzail in Cormyr. The eldest son of the duke, his destiny seemed plotted out for him. But while he received the education required to rule, he dreamed of being a mighty warrior, spending all his free time with the guards and warriors. This caused conflict with his father, and indirectly the death of his mother. Shortly after, Franck left Forguard, wandering the Realms for a couple of years before finding his way to Thain.

At first Franck was a simple sell-sword, caring nothing about who he worked with or for, simply wanting the freedom to do as he wished. However after a few years of this he began to form ties and loyalties to certain people on the isle. He saw the work that the Keepers (particularly Nijel) did, and decided that he had to use his abilities better.

He's married to Tara, a fiery fighter with her own life and opinions. He had one son who, after a spate of trouble on the isle, has left to build a life for himself in Amn.


Shortly after the slaying of undead vampire Kintaro, Franck Steiner seemingly vanished. This was first noticed by Tara Steiner, who begun searching for her husband in all corners and secluded spots of the island. However, he was nowhere to be found, and after a time, she posted notices, including rewards for any details relating to his location.

Later on, friends and family of Franck begun to have strange dreams regarding Franck, and have visions that Franck was trapped by some demonic form. A large crowd ventured into the Abyss, and met the grand demon Keth'ik, who possessed Franck's soul. Keth'ik was slain, however, and Franck's spirit was freed from the shackles of the soul prison. There, he appeared once more, a spirit that would soon pass on to the heavens. He could not speak of his predicament, or how he managed to become possessed by Keth'ik, and eventually ascended to the heavens.

However, not long after Franck's spirit passed on, there were reports of his body moving and animated, as if he had somehow become undead, though none know how such is possible.

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