Furin Thunderbeard

Furin Thunderbeard is a level 21 Paladin/Dwarven Defender/Monk played by Dogbert3000.

Furin is first and foremost a Paladin of Clangeddin Silverbeard. After a short amount of time on the island, he met with Orin Stonetooth of the stewards-of-hammersong and quickly fell into favour with he and the rest of the Stewards, joining a short time thereafter. He remains a representative of hammersong currently.


  • Furin is a dwarven male of approximately four feet in height, weighing over 115 kilograms (250 pounds) when unarmoured. His armour (a heavy plate breastplate and the usual accompaniments), shield and hammer all bear prominent symbols of Clangeddin Silverbeard, a pair of crossed axes. His dark red hair is fuzzy at the best of times, and completely disheveled at worst; although his beard is always immaculately kept. Two particular possessions are always on Furin's person: A heavy, black metal cylinder which hangs on a chain around his neck (the finger of an adamantine golem) and a blue-coloured gemstone mounted on the back of his hammer.


Pre-arrival: Furin was born and raised in the small dwarven community of Brassbarn in the Silver Marches. It was there that he was inducted into the church of Clangeddin and where he learned the trade of mining. He enlisted in the local militia as soon as he had finished his basic trials with the church and quickly found his role as a shield-bearer. In the years he spent in Brassbarn, Furin took three wives, Ilsa, Magda and Villi, although the first, Ilsa, is the only one he ever speaks of. Ilsa was a priestess of Clangeddin and killed during a battle with local giants.

Furin's clan, the Thunderbeards, have all been paladins of Clangeddin (colloquially, dwarfadins) for as long as any of the clansmen can remember, and Furin himself can trace his own family's servitude of the deity for at least four generations. His great-great-grandfather, Bumar Thunderbeard, was a noted champion of the dwarven god of battle.

Early Thain life: Furin initially arrived on Thain in the company of two other dwarfadins, Thoril Grudgebearer, an older dwarf who served as a sort of mentor to him, and Rali Ironbosom, a healer of the Ironbosom Matrons. The three made it their job to protect dwarven holdings and seek out hill giants where they could find them. Eventually, all three dwarfadins moved into the Halls of Hammersong, though Furin is the only one of the three who routinely ventures off the mountain, or indeed out of the Halls.

Furin met with Orin Stonetooth high atop Hammersong Peak after felling a particularly fierce giant and the two quickly became friends; Orin later inviting the younger dwarf to join the Stewards of Hammersong, alongside (at the time) Murin Kvistir and galberk-hagero.

More recently: Furin is a common fixture about the island, lending his hammer and shield to any Goodly cause or to any he calls friends in need. He assisted in the defense of websters-landing from the Vasheral Pirate band, culminating in a massive victory for the dwarfadin and his allies against an immense adamantine golem. Furin claimed a finger from the golem as a trophy and proudly displays it on a chain around his neck.

Furin has also been active in the discovery and transportation of anthracite coal from the grey-iron-mines of steinkreis to Hammersong, and along with his good friend, the necrosage rishkin-templar-iii, has been working to develop the Black Diamond Trail, a series of portals connecting the mines to Hammersong Mountain. The Thunderbeard Gate (the Hammersong side of the portal) was named for Furin, while The Templar Gate (the Grey Iron Mine side of the portal) takes its name from Rishkin.

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