Galberk Hagero

Played by ajken.

Basic Information

Race: Dwarf
Age: 157
Height: 135cm
Weight: 90 kg
Complexion: The skin color is white, often tanned from working outdoors
Appearance: Like an average dwarf
Build: Short and stout
Eyes: Only got one eye. It's blue
Hair: Shaved head, brown beard
Languages: Common and Dwarven
Profession: Locksmith
Affiliations: stewards-of-hammersong and hammersong
Patron deity: Moradin
Other deities: Gorm Gulthyn
Fields of knowledge: Warfare and Locksmithing
Tattoos/scars: The right side of his face is scarred by rot. No tattoos
Class split: Fighter 7 / Dwarven Defender 10 / Rogue 3
Regular gear: An axe hanging from his belt and his shield strapped to his back. Locksmithing tools and The winged helmet of the Stewards of Hammersong




Galberk is a short and stout dwarf, known for his strength. His axe can always be seen hanging from his belt and the shield strapped to his back. He is always wearing full battle gear except when he is resting in the Stewards hall. His armor is a full plate which has been enchanted with protective magic. It's grey and dented but serves it's purpose well. His helmet is the one used by Stewards of Hammersong, a winged helmet in the color of grey. When he takes it off you can see a scarred face with only one-eye. An ugly and grim face. He is bald with a big brown beard which he values highly. Whenever he got the chance he will smoke his pipeweed. In special occasions the lost pipeweed from Davenshire. Also something he values highly.

Galberk is also known for his great hatred against drows and their alike. Whatever foolish beast that cross his path will most certainly have to either run or fight. Both options often seems to lead to the beasts death nonetheless.

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