Name: Gharos
Age: 40
Race: Human; Mulan
Height: 185cm
Weight: 75kg
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: None(dark brown)
Skin: Dusky
Patron diety: Osiris
Languages: Thayan(Mulhorandi), Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal
Skills: Arcane Magic(sp. Evocation), Rhetoric,
Class distribution: Wizard 26
Allegiance: Thay
Rank: None
Previously: Member of The Circle, Dawn of Shadows leader, Thayan Ambassador, Khazark of Thain, Propraetor of Saturnum, Master Red Wizard of Thay

History: Gharos was raised in Thrach Tazalhar in an unremarkable family. Although of ancient Mulani heritage, no family records exist. His mother was a baker and his father a stonemason. While Citizens, none of them held any recognition or prestige. Likely the true family name fell into disuse as generation after generation led them further into a simple, working class existance. The name "Dozz" is expected to be heard in mines, harbors, lumberyards or even slave quarters, and likely a simplification that over time evolved into a de facto name.

Gharos was discovered to have a potential for magic at a young age and placed in an Academy, where he would grow into a capable student of wizardry. He was authorized for apprenticeship after his time at the Academy, on his way to become skilled in the art of Evocation. His life thus far had not been remarkably difficult. That would change. His master was a self-absorbed man with little time or appreciation for the duty of teaching an apprentice. Difficulties between the two eventually resulted in Gharos being sent to one of the most isolated continents in the Realms: Thain. Left to fend for himself, ignored by his master and aided only by the incapable fiend that had been bound to him, Gharos' life as a grown man began.

In a desperate bid for time and power to develop his spellcasting ability, Gharos joined the ranks of the Dawn of Shadows. Participating in the battle of davenshire under the alias of the White Wizard, his allegiance at the time was not known. Suspicion could not be avoided however, and when he publically announced he had left the organization, few were taken by complete suprise. For a time his life was uneventful, until word reached him that the organization stood without a leader. After considering his options he made his move, gaining control over the guild, and the allegiance of a majority of the members.

Gharos moved the guild into the public eye, and soon began to sign treaties and make verbal agreements with the various settlements and groups on Thain. The random violence and brutality of the Dawn almost dissapeared. Violence returned with terrible focus however, when a petty conflict over a toll station escalated into open warfare. The dwarven population in particular had been resistant to the idea of avoiding or paying the toll, which was a means from the lord of ravens-watch, Krel, to secure a steady supply of gold. Those manning the toll started to die at an alarming rate. Gharos, due to the Dawn's position as guardians of Raven's Watch, retaliated indiscriminatly. An alliance of Dawn members and duergar initiated a two-headed assault on hammersong, emerging victorious after a night of battle. Hammersong was almost immediatly wrestled out of duergar hands from within, as local dwarves destroyed the duergar occupants. Disillusioned, Gharos watched battle-ready dwarves march out of Hammersong towards Raven's Watch, decided on vengeance. They were stopped in a bloody battle at the gates of Raven's Watch. Though Gharos and his companions had won both of the significant battles they had lost the war, and his decisions had earned him the ire of the general population.

Gharos met Zulkir Szass Tam for the first time and came under the influence of his teachings. As a result he severed his ties with the Dawn of Shadows and the guild faded back into obscurity. Having been a Red Wizard in name only, Gharos now became an ambassador for Thay, representing his motherland. This quest led to him form a treaty on behalf of Szass Tam with the Tyrant of Steinkreis. Unfortunatly, with the betrayal of Aristides in which Gharos was used as a pawn, the treaty was nullified by Kämpfer. An Enclave deed had already been approved, and the Thayan Enclave came into existance, if far from it's originally planned location. Bitter with regret over the turn of events Gharos turned south, and watched his creation take shape, becoming the first Khazark of Thain. The first time with the Enclave under his command was marked by peace. The skirmishes that did take place did so without Gharos' approval, as risky ideas and plans that found no support in Thay or the more well established Enclaves were somehow channeled onto the island with dismal results. During this time the Trading Post was created, funded by the Enclave and Zhentarim allies, executed chiefly by Gharos' apprentice Sar'rel, and supported by the Watch's regent Elira. Life would proceed without noteworthy events until the Enclave's interest was cast upon the the-south-coast.

The dragon who dwelled in the deep seaside caverns had become a concern as a potential part in a struggle for power over the South Coast area. Driven by nobler ambitions than ever before, and backed by a powerful Thayan organization and the wealth of the Enclave, Gharos initiated the campaign. The elder dragon of the depths held dominion over Kuo-Toa lizardmen, lesser dragons, and possibly even the sea hags of the coast. At least, so it was believed. Opinions to the contrary were ignored and considered illogical. Several raids were made against the Kuo-Toa dwellings, where more evidence of the symbiosis between lizard and dragon were found, as lesser wyrms were summoned and fought alongside the Kuo-Toa. The final assault on the lair was carried out by a large group featuring Gharos' new apprentice Rathiya, several other Red Wizards, and adventurers from mixed backgrounds. To commemorate their victory over the massive wyrm several medallions were comissioned and a great celebration was held. A robe enchanted by Zulkir Szass Tam himself was given to him during the great feast. This was to be considered the highest point of Gharos' political career.

Soon the the-shadow-war would change the political landscape of Thain. As the initial moves were made Gharos remained neutral, considering this conflict no more interesting than any other. Empirical evidence pointed out that all warlords, beasts and conquerors would fail their quests, and things return to normal. That was the way of Thain. His perspective changed when domains in the northwest fell to the rule of zentarus. His forces seemed persistant and serious to the point where they actually conquered the entire the-drakamyre region. Gharos then, after speaking to the new sizeable Thayan force on the island, offered his assistance to the forming alliance in which the Keepers of Thain played a key part. Despite this initiative, fate only allowed Thay a minor role in the open warfare, defending Steinkreis and the Celestial Temple. Gharos' most meaningful contribution was covert. His greatest feat of rhetoric was to convince the Pit Lord Azuul to stay beneath Drakamyre with his army of fiends, despite his oath to join Zentarus' crusade and prove the worth of his kin to the shadowlord.

After the war, in the gloomy aftermath when magic ceased to function, Gharos left the island. Firmly believing that his enemies would act at the loss of his power, he travelled to Thay. While he did not remain so long that he recieved a new assignment, he widened his horizons considerably, studying and learning about a variety of sciences and art forms. His return brought no dramatical changes until a time had passed, and his attention was once again brought to the South Coast. The benefits of the much earlier campaign had faded and the locals had become more aggressive. Bandits and sea creatures plagued the trade route from both sides. Having a strong cohort of soldiers, Gharos opted to intitiate raids against sea hags, Razorfang bandits and even the undead population in the Moribund bog. A few weeks into the campaign it had successfully spread terror, and those creatures capable of thought had started to fear the Thayan banner under which soldiers and wizards brought the war out of the wilderness and into their homes. An old outpost, abandoned by the Blood Guard and fallen into decline, was manned by Thayan soldiers during daylight hours.

The operation had some brief success but was eventually met with disaster. A paladin named Lynest, powerful beyond all reason, waged a personal war on the Thayans of the island. More than a few soldiers died at her hand. The counterattack was a discharge of magic rarely seen since the Shadow War. In the end it was not enough, and Gharos retreated from the battle as a sole survivor. The troops were pulled back from the South Coast, following the orders of Captain Zayyid Rashand, who believed they would be slaughtered by the paladin. Soldiers from Greenvale, Hamley and Davenshire, in an act of bold opportunism, established themselves in the area the Thayans had built up and manned. Gharos fled to the cold north and grieved his failure, making one desperate attempt after the other to attack Lynest indirectly. When she perished it was not his doing, but he returned to he Enclave to plan new ventures.

Gharos' position of power would eventually be taken from him. In the aftermath of broken family relations, his former apprentice Sar'rel reported him for several failures of management and leadership. The trial took place with Gharos successfully defending his life, but his position was undermined when Ambassador Urhun Kren was assigned as the supreme authority of Thayan operations on Thain, and Kren travelled to Thain to personally oversee the Enclave. Gharos was growing discontent with the role of a figurehead. Before the trial, he had started to drift away from the focused ambition of earlier days, and the journey was completed with Kren's arrival. He took it upon himself to educate a barbarian slave in the ways of Thay, and eventually pronounced her a Thayan citizen. The two left Thain together, and married.

Gharos' term as Propraetor of the once peaceful town of Saturnum in the northern region of Thay was marked by devastation and war. While at first many improvements to infrastructure and production were made, assassins from the Hathran of Rashemen eventually arrived to put and end to Gharos' life. The battles were fought with magic on both sides and the town suffered immense casualties. Gharos was eventually re-assigned and moved with his family further south. The attacks ceased when someone less known along the Rashemi border was sent to govern what was left of the town.

He returned to Thain and did nothing of consequence, stating that the best location for a hunted man was where death was a mere inconveniance. Over time the danger against his person ceased, or so it seemed due to the lack of assassins. Gharos found himself without any official assignment, left to his own designs. This led him to take a hard look at society and the relations of power between masters and slaves, and put him in contact with some controversial thinkers. Not long thereafter, Gharos submitted his resignation from the Order of the Red Wizards.

After leaving the Order of the Red Wizards, Gharos' main achievement was the leading role he played in destroying the Morting Kryst which served as the anchor of power between the Demigod known as the Morting Presence and the ruins of Davenshire. To achive this he used the Staff of Kaos artifact, which had been assembled through fighting the forces of the-faceless-one and claiming the pieces of the Staff. The Staff unleashed a blast of energy that should have destroyed both the artifact and the Kryst, but this was not the case. The Staff broke, but remained an active conduit of chaos still in play.

The Staff of Kaos came to play a role in Gharos' life once more. The shades of the Thayans who were killed at the Enclave siege were not free to move on to oblivion, but remained to haunt the land. This had been a priority when trying to undo the curse over Davenshire. Gharos endevoured to speak with the spirits and communicated with a fallen officer through necromancy. The man claimed that they needed the Staff of Kaos to be set free. The dwarves of Hammersong now held the staff.

Gharos was unable to convince them to release the Staff at first. He came to speak to the shades again, but learned of their devious nature. They had captured his wife and two children, and they would suffer in undeath with the shades were the Staff not delivered. Gharos, by learning that Zrogan Redcloak had hidded the Staff away from the King, managed to create a wedge between them and make a moral argument for lending him the Staff to free his people. He then learned the full extent of the horrific plot. The Morting Presence was not dead, but in control of the Thayan shades. It took from him the Staff and left him for dead.

Gharos, with outerworldly aid, gained the power to battle the Morting Presence. He defeated her and her underlings in a series of battles, and rescued his family. When the war was fought to a victory, he left the shard that contained the Morting Presence as well as the Staff of Kaos pass into the Chaos Rift at the advice of Zrogan Redcloak.

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