Gideon Carter

Gideon Carter is played by cannonfodder1234.

Race: Human
Age: 25
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs.
Complexion: Tanned, from years out in the sun
Appearance: Disheveled from lack of rest. Eyes have dark circles around them at most times.
Build: Very muscular. Lean, corded and lithe.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown, with a single spot of silver on his right temple.
Languages: Common, Thieves cant (Sign language)
Profession: Bounty hunter, soldier, ore-forger and weaponsmith, traps-smith and locksmith. collector of magical items.
Affiliations: Black Merchant Guild, Bastard Sons of Steinkreis, The Steinkreis Knaves.
Early Affiliations: The Grey Iron Miners
Patron deity: His ancestors paid homage to Andarus.
Fields of knowledge: Ores, weapons, locks, traps, tracking, fencing, brawling, battle medicine, small knowledge of magic.

  • His left bicep bears the insignia of Steinkreis on a stone monolith.
  • Several burn scars along his arms and legs.
  • A single slash of a scar across his throat.

Class split: 13 rogue/ 2 fighter/ 5 weaponmaster
Regular gear:

  • "Arma Venantium": A mithral chain shirt that covers the wearer with invisibility.
  • "Venator Corsus" A pair of boots that can grant the wearer with great speed for a short distance.
  • "Excavatus Luminor": A helm with a light-bearing crystal in a flash-light like tube.
  • A Hammersong stone thermos that increases the durability of the man that drinks from it.
  • A myriad of wands. (Stoneskin, displacement, Greater magic weapons, Bulls strength, Bear's Endurance, Web)
  • He wears a badge of the Steinkreis Knaves around his neck, underneath his chain shirt.
  • "The Shiv": An enchanted adamantine rapier charged with a quartz crystal.

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Gideon was born in Steinkreis to a Gideon and Katrina Carter. Shortly after his birth, Gideon's mother disappeared from the city. The why and the whereabouts were never told to Gideon, as Gideon's father later admitted she was a prostitute from Raven's Watch. From a very young age, Gideon showed a fierce intellect and was able to read and write before many of the other children. Gideon was known for his ability to observe, memorize, and recollect what he saw to exact detail. While Gideon's father worked as a guard in Steinkreis' Blackstone prison, Gideon was free to roam the streets of Steinkreis, wreaking what childish havoc he could.

At the age of nine, Gideon's father died from failing health. Not long after, Gideon was sent to the Steinkreis orphanage. These years, he refuses to recollect to anyone. At the age of eighteen, Gideon conscripted into the ranks of the Grey Iron miners. Most that took the job were expected to keep the job for the rest of their life, as the company which pays the miners also expects them to pay for their lodging, food, and horseplay. Within two years, Gideon had saved up his earned coin and paid for his freedom from the mines.

From that moment on, he was a free man. Not too long after, he began his now-held profession as a bounty hunter. He now hunts criminals of the island of Thain.


Gideon Carter is a gruff man who has already lived the life an old man would tell his grandchildren. Standing at six feet tall, his body is composed of a steady-moving and always hungry layer of muscle. Years of mining and hunting men has honed his body to the peak of a man's potential. With his weapon of choice, "The Shiv", an enchanted adamantine rapier, Gideon can fell the most skilled of men with a few precise stabs.
Years of living on his own, fighting for his freedom and life has worn thin his hope in the good of man. Years of cutting his teeth on cheap bounties has taken his toll on his demeanor. While he is normally introverted, Gideon knows his opinions and beliefs as well as a singer knows his own voice. His dark outlook on every situation leaves little room for optimism. Gideon sticks to the facts and details, and goes straightforward to the business at hand. This refusal to falter has earned him as many enemies as he has allies, as well as success at the trades he chooses to develop. Although he'd never show it, he is incredibly loyal to those he calls his friends and allies.

"Men's actions are too strong for them. Show me a man who has acted, and who has not been the victim and slave of his action."
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

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