Hadassah Sa'rai


Played by Lady Chloe


Name: Hadassah Sa’rai
Nicknames: Dessah or Dassah, depending on the person's pronunciation.
Race: Appears Human
Age: Early 20s
Height: 5’7”
Hair: Copper Red
Eyes: Vibrant Green

Hadassah Sa’rai (Huh-DESS-uh Sah-Rye) has lived on the island of Thain for only a short time, but has seen and learned much from it. Appearing only a bit older than twenty summers, the woman stands tall, exuding a sense of confidence and strength that most would have yet to achieve at such a young age.

That poise does not equal vanity, however. Despite being quite lovely, Hadassah puts only minimal effort into her appearance, and really, it is quite enough. She attempts to remain clean and maintain an orderly appearance. She was blessed with flaming, copper-red hair, which she keeps most often tied back into a lengthy ponytail or a messy bun, and sun-kissed tan skin that shines with a healthy glow that caresses the borders of unnatural.

Almost never out of her full-plate, Hadassah is always ready for a fight with shield close at hand and her trusty long sword strapped to her hip.
In a battle, she is the one who stands one step ahead of the front line.

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