Hayleigh Faldanis

Name/Alias: - Hayleigh Faldanis, Hayleigh Faldanis-Lightheart, Aurix
Race: - Human / Gold Dragon
Deity: - Vorel
Profession/s: - Bard/Songstress, Keeper, Freedom Fighter of Vorel, Defender of Hamley
Birthplace - Arnleigh Vale (Fictional)
Residence - The Road House Inn, Hamley
Relationship Status - Married to Elven Ranger, Calioun Lightheart (Missing, status unknown)
Guild Affliations - Member of the Keepers of Thain, Officer of the Hamley First Irregluars (Currently disbanded)

Hayleigh introduces herself as the Songstress of Hamley, Priestess of Vorel and a Keeper. Hayleigh stands just shy of six feet tall, with a full set of hair that is cut at the shoulders and hazel eyes. In her later years, the Gold wings that begin near the middle of her back and rest folded up behind her always draw a mixture of hatred, curiousity, comment and fear.

She is physically strong and shows some muscle definition. Strong willed and minded, she is not shy of entering passionate or even aggressive disagreement with one person or another who has offended her beliefs, the law or the greater good. Hayleigh will try to do as she can for others and hope they will in turn try to help themselves and other persons in kind.

Hayleigh dresses well but reserved, she does not lash out fortunes on fine silks and tailoring unless it serves a purpose for a festival or courtly ball. Never without an instrument about her person or belongings, she always carries a long flute. The Songstress is seen commonly holding one of several quarterstaffs in her possessions, yet she seems to favour two inparticular. One flame seems to burn endlessly from the ends and the second one bears upon it coloured crafted dragon heads of both Metallic and Chromatic dragons.

Hayleigh Faldanis is a zealous defender of Hamley and will attempt to represent the village in diplomatic matters when the opportunity arises. She shows exceptional hatred to those that fight against Hamley and the Empyrean Aurora.

Note: - Hayleigh Faldanis' Gold dragon ancestry was responsible for a Colorless Egg being hatched as a Gold wyrmling that without divine intervention would of ended her life. She now spends what little of her time she has not already occupied, raising and in the company of the Gold wyrmling, haurach-levex.

Hamley First Irregluars - Were founded by Hayleigh Faldanis and Dreah Azu during the Second Cataclysm to ensure the safety of the village and to support the forces fighting against Zentarus' shadow army. The Hamley First Irregulars made a notable stand with the Keepers on the West Road to the Drakamyre after receiving information of the enemy invasion paths.

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