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Played by Twirlip


  • Age: 170 years
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: about 50kg (depending on cake)
  • Build: slight
  • Hair: shoulder length, very dark
  • Eyes: green, wideset
  • Default stance: Alert and aloof


  • Very accurate and deadly with a bow, especially at short range
  • Adept at handling locks and traps; both clearing and setting them
  • Enough knowledge of magic to be dangerous
  • Very keen eyes


  • A massive longbow of orkish provenance
  • Isilme's feyduster



  • Classes: Rogue(10) / Wizard(1) / AA(9)
  • Deity: Erevan Ilesere
  • Languages: Fluent elven. Speaks common with an accent. Understands some orcish, drow and undercommon.


Isilme (moonlight in elven) was raised in a small village deep in the High Forest with very limited contact to other races. She was identified at an early age as having the potential to become a curucuar, the magical archers who lead the elven war bands of the lords of the forest.

Whilst learning and practicing her skills she became romantically involved with another officer. They grew closer and fought well together in the many skirmishes with orcs and drow testing the defences of the forest. Isilme assumed that the two of them were to be pair bonded despite the fact that he was from a family of much higher standing. Word reached his family of this growing bond and he bowed to their pressure by renouncing her. On discovering his betrayal, Isilme lost control of herself and in a moment of madness struck him a blow with a dagger which she thought at the time was fatal.

That same night she fled into exile, bitterly regretting her actions and vowing to try and make amends by putting her talents to use in defending the poor and the weak. She fled West towards Waterdeep and paid for passage on the first ship leaving harbour there. As luck would have it, the ship was bound for Thain.

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