Itarildé Eldurain

Name: Itarildé Eldurain
Race: Half-Elf
Deity: Tymora
Profession: Loremaster
Birthplace: Waterdeep
Residence: Steinkreis

Itarildé Eldurain
Played by Renegade

Half-Gold-Elf, Part DragonKin, Part Netherese (Shadovar).
20 years old.

Distinctive features:

- On her left arm she wears a small bracelet, from it hang two elven runes. One is called “Arhain” or “Shadows” and the other one “Cala’Dai” or “The Dragon’s Flame”.
The first one is made of a dark crystal in which, after closer inspection, a sort of dark cloud seems to dance around.
The second one is made of small red scales, which are glowing in a bright red light.

- From her belt, on the right side, hangs a small silver horn. The horn is decorated with a curved line consisting of a single elven rune, repeated over the entire line. The rune is the one known as “Ca'Daith” or “Music of the Stars”.

She has a small satchel hanging from her waist. On it she has an elven words in golden embroidery: “Vakhar tel' Sinta” or “Guardians of Knowledge”

She can often be seen carrying a magical staff. This staff is made of pure mithral and a fine ruby sets of the decoration on the staff. Further more, two elven runes are etched into the smooth metal: The rune for ”Lore Mistress" and the rune for "Music of the Stars".

Itarildé her Coat of Arms and her Signature ring bear the same symbol. A Dragon clenching a scroll.



Fields of Study:
Arcana (Except constructs)
Local Lore
The Planes
Ancient Nethereril

Elven, Common, Draconic, Netherese(writing, symbols, runes and the spoken language), most writing based upon Elven or Draconic, Ancient scripts.


Endings and Beginnings
The Tales of Itarildé Eldurain

Thain related history

While in her younger years Itarildé didn't uncover much about the isle, her true journey began when she came to her rights as a Loremaster.

Itarildé was one of the people who uncovered the truth behind the Bloodguard revolt and put the Heroes of the city of Steinkreis on the path of the Three Chosen Ones of Amaunator.

She is also the author of the first books written about the new Deities of Thain, the Elemental Aspects, who's powers came to view during the events with the Three Chosen Sisters.

Itarildé herself has been part of a few Thain established guilds. A former Harper Agent and Circle Defense Force member. Leaving the Harpers after a disagreement about code of conduct, Itarildé has not returned to the Thain Harpers to this date.

Her affiliation with the Circle Defence Forces came to an end after she tried to secure an ancient relic from the bowels of Vongottstein from the, in her eyes at the time, rogue C.D.F. operative Snaga and the misguided Celestial Knight Thrar. To this day still, the theft of that artifact still remains a point of friction between Itarildé and the upper Command of the Forces.

Currently Itarildé has established herself as a Loremaster. Her current realm of interest upon the Isle lies within the ruins of Vongottstein, where she was the first to officially enter the ruins and see it's dangers.

She seeks to establish a small presence of her own guild, the Vakhar tel' Sinta. A group dedicated to the preservation and uncovering of the Lore. Until that day, she is aiding the various good and neutral aligned guilds as an advisor in matters of the Lore.

In recent times, Itarildé has been the first to discover the truth of the Recondite Ruins after she travelled back in time and discovered it first hand. Now carrying a special shield from that era, Itarildé has ascended to the Ranks of the Elite Loremasters.

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