Ivali Midwood

Ivali was an abandoned half-elf baby raised in an orphanage in Waterdeep. A quiet child, she was fascinated by books and fantastic tales of far-off times. When she decided she needed a last name, she picked it off a map of the elven lands far to the east in the fabled forests of Cormanthor.
While growing up in the City of Wonders, she'd always been attracted to the troupes that performed in market-squares, and the curious child began learning to act and sing, eventually running away from the orphanage at age 12 to live with her new "family". First in Waterdeep and then all along the Sword Coast, she polished her skills until, at the age of 23, she decided to get away from all the brouhaha and visit somewhere peaceful. An island, hopefully tropical. Impulsively, she picked the first ship going out.

On Thain
Ivali arrived on Thain at the time of the Bone Tower event. At first she traveled the island busking in public places and writing a few songs. She adventured with the-keepers-of-thain and telvarataurie, but didn't pursue joining either of them. Her love of arcana, learning and history made her perfect for The Circle, though, and she was eventually asked to join and later joined the Inner Circle before the reappearance of Jeri and Rania.
After the Shadow War when the Circle's demise seemed complete, she began writing manuscripts to preserve history under the rubric of G:.I:.L:., ("gil" is "star" in elven, and the letters G I L stood for various things which were revealed at different stages, the first being "Guardians of the Inner Light") which was to carry on the knowledge-seeking side of the Circle.
When the Steinkreis Opera House was finished, she took up residence there, and works on writing histories and plays.
She is married to Quamara Calaudra. They have a kitten named Spot and a badger, Snuffles, who hardly ever relapses back to balor form.

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