Jalla Desat

played by Ramana Jala

Jalla Desat
(maiden name 'Jalla dem Vald')


  • Race/Gender: Half-Elven Female
  • Apparent Age: In her 40s
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Weight: 110 lbs
  • Hair: Auburn, straight, shoulder length
  • Eyes: Mossy-emerald Green


An attractive earthy lady, slender and tan, obviously one who spends most all of her time outdoors. She usually dresses in simple clothes of earth tones or in green or mustard colored leathers, and is also known to relish being completely skyclad in the open air. Often in another form, such as wolf or bird. When in wolf form, Jalla appears as a 400 pound Dire Wolf with auburn fur. Often accompanied by her longtime wolf companion Navarre and other members of wolf Pack Far-Runner or various other animal friends. Known for her warmth and compassion, she has an air of kind, curious, exuberant, emotional straightforwardness coupled with serious impartial druid wisdom.

After many years on Thain, her mission there was complete when her father Dirk returned to her mother after years of hardship in the Underdark. Jalla passed on the responsibility of the Harpers to others, and departed Thain with her husband krin-desat for a visit with her father and mother on Merit Island, then on to Krin's homeland, Wendar, where they now live and are happily raising a large brood of children.


  • Profession: Druid of the Source of All Life, mystic, energy healer, herbologist, teacher of Natural Law
  • Birthplace: Merit Island
  • Residence: feywood
  • Languages: Elven, Druidic, Sylvan, Common
  • Deity: The Source, and its agents Mielikki, Fenmarel Mestarine, and Enthaet


Wife of krin-desat, matron of wolf Pack Far-Runner
Member of the telvarataurie
Member of the covert the-harpers-of-thain of Thain; her tacit leadership was inherited from the late Master Harper Tanna Nightsong, but has now been passed on to the new generation

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