Jarroh James Kaelan Arkayus

Home City: Athkatla, Capital city of Amn. (Though, if you ask him, he'll say the Docks district of Neverwinter)
Height; 5'8''
Weight: Average build, roughly 170 lbs.
Eye color: Dark Blue
Hair color/type; Dark brown, Straight and slightly wavy. The hair on his face grows thickest at his sideburns and chin.
Skin: Tanned from being out in the sun wuite a few years. When cleanly shaved, his cheeks seem to be lightly pock-marked, from bad acne back in his youth.
Tattoos: On the left side of his torso, under where his bicep would hang, he has a tattoo of a skull over a purple sun.
Obvious armaments: Has a rapier hanging at each hip, and a dagger sheathed on the outside of his left thigh. A shield is usually slung over his cloak, on his back.
Dieties: He follows the tenets of Shar when he feel it is appropriate, though he highly admires the workings and accomplishments of Cyric.
Languages: Common, Taught Elven by his mother, He picked up a bit of Halfling, being that they are common in Amn (It is possible for him to learn more)

The birth and early years of Jarroh:

Jarroh James Kaelan was born in the distant city known as Athkatla, the capital of Amn.. Raised by his elven mother until his early teens, he knew very little of his father, other than his name. His mother did her best to raise Jarroh, but could not save him from the business-driven society that exists in Amn. As soon as his mind was able to comprehend it, he knew the importance coin held over men. He was known for having a farly intelligent mind, a calm temperament, and a neutral outlook; His childhood friends always giving him respect, and going to him advice on small decisions.

Teen years and young adulthood:

At the age of eleven, a young Jarroh slipped on a dock and hit his head on one of the moorings, and fell into the water. Though he was quickly brought out of the water, it did little to save him from any harm. Young Jarroh fought his own battle of life and death, recovering from the blow to the head and a fever that had set in as well. A few weeks after the accident, Jarroh was able to walk, talk, and think normally; But he had been forever changed. Anyne who had been friend with him before the accident, noticed that the recovered Jarroh was now distant, and hostile. The next few years in Athkatla were rough for Jarroh, as he had scorned those he once associated himself with; A poor action in a place where men are only as much as they can promise or pay.

Jarroh as an adult:

At around the age of twenty, Jarroh changed his name to "Jarroh Arkayus", and moved to live in one of the cheaper sections of Athkatla. There, he associated himself with the scum of Amn: Scoundrels, assassins, thieves and their ilk. Jarroh newfound perception of an "unforgiving would" left him devoid of the morals and thoughts that a normal man would have. He would complete any job given to him, never letting his pride or emotions get in the way. He became known for following the orders given to him to a "T", often taking some things literally. In fact, if ever one of his jobs went wrong, it was because of a poorly worded order rather than an awry decision or lack of skill.

After a few years, and a few newfound connections, Jarroh bought an expensive boatride to an unfamiliar island. To him, it was a new world filled with gold and people to usurp.

Jarroh's personality:

At all times, Jarroh seems to display some form of a smile on his face. No from insanity, or a largely developed sense of humor; but from the thought that a well-placed grin can be more offsetting than a threatening gesture or a bared weapon. He has a calm demeanor about him, confident in the fact that you are only led to believe about him what he wants to you. Always the actor, Jarroh delights in the fact that he'll always have a surprise ready for those that seek to understand him.

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