Jeri Theed Orman

Jeri Theed Orman was a jack-of-all-trades who fulfilled many different roles across Thain throughout the centuries. Most notable among these include his place as a founding member of the Circle and his role as leader / founder of the Circle Defense Forces. Jeri saw many fields of combat in his long years, including the Second Shadow War, the Poisonwood Raid that led to the death of Kintaro, Operation Sons of the Beach, which temporarily routed the Vasheral pirates and rescued many Thainite civilians, and the fight against the Thayans following the destruction of Davenshire.

Most factions on the island at one time came under the fall of Jeri's iconic light hammer fighting style, either targets of his oft-inexplicable rages or declared as "Enemies of Thain" (a term that Jeri inevitably came to apply to anyone who did not swear to the C.D.F. banner). Despite his madness, towards the end of his life, Jeri seemed to develop a resemblance of a conscience, and recanted some, but not all, of his darker ways (though he never apologized for picking fights with the Keepers at every opportunity and probably died cursing the Elemental Gods).

Jeri's legacy was formed through artifacts, for despite his ever-changing loyalties, he remained a competent engineer (and at one time, archmage). The golems of the Rooms of Ruin still sport a few of his designs (upgrades from their origins as weapons of the Mechanist) and the C.D.F. was gifted with hundreds of his randomly-constructed "magitech" items. Most memorable of all, perhaps, was his golem arm, forged and reforged in countless metals, now carried by Sir Dampf Feuer of Sandburrow Bay.

The Lord Commander of the Circle Defense Forces (as he called himself) left Thain one day to see to a military force he was cultivating off-island.

He never returned.

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