Jesse Blackrose

Ser Jesse Ildaldris Turgar Blackrose
Knight-Companion to the order-of-the-ebon-flame,
Knight-Priest of Bane

Race: Human
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 178
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Early Life

Jesse grew up in the streets of Ebonhold; the proclaimed capital of The Order of the Ebon Flame. His father was a high ranking Knight-Commander in the order and his mother, a simple woman whom sold roses on the streets of Ebonhold. Most of his days, Jesse spent at his father’s side in the Commandery training to become a knight. He was the favored son of his wife and expected to do great things within the order once he was trained enough to take a commander position. Once every few days they would travel back home within the city to see his family.

His father would stay for dinner and leave Jesse overnight and return to his post. But what wasn’t know to his father is that every time he would visit with Jesse, his mother would pry any information that was overheard while he was training and report it back to Dambrath. Charen was a spy for the dark elf ruled nation; she had spent nearly her whole life infiltrating the Ebonhold and married a Knight of the order to secure her position within.

The information provided with his last visit to his mother was the kind she had been waiting for her whole life. She would leave late the next day and report back to Dambrath. Valalith came back the next day to retrieve Jesse and they walked back to the Commandery; on the way Jesse unknowingly revealed that he had been telling Charen things that were said within the hold. Valalith Suspected something was amiss; he informed his superiors of these findings and they ordered her to be arrested for questioning.

Later that night as Charen was about to leave off to Dambrath; Valalith showed up with Jesse and a few of his men. Needless to say he was dumbfounded that she was trying to leave the city. She tried to resist arrest and escape from the men but it was fruitless. She was captured and chained; then brought before the Ebon Council. Found guilty of her crimes against the Order she was sentenced to death by execution; Valalith was to carry it out.

After the execution, Valalith’s fitness to The Order was challenged by one of the newest knight-Companion’s. The Knight-Companion mocked Valalith and told him he was too stupid to notice that his wife was a spy and proclaimed he was incompetent. Valalith, ego bruised and beaten by the events that had unfolded earlier, had no choice but to accept the duel and defend himself; the duel lead to Valalith’s untimely demise.

Jesse was devastated by the whole ordeal with his family. Without a patron his goals of being a knight-commander were crushed; he had little if no hope of promotion. Jesse was now an orphan and his family was disgraced. He disappeared for four years, practicing on his own and living off the land, he changed his surname from Turgar to Blackrose. He would later approach Ebonhold once again and prove his might to serve under the Order. He was accepted as a junior squire to an elder knight, an apolitical man who was impressed with his abilities, and ignored his putative past. Jesse was 12.

Knight of the Ebon Flame

Jesse served this elder Knight, Ser Dorian Myhr, for another four years. He first saw action in the punitive expedition mounted against Dambrath by the Ebon Knights. He acquitted himself well, but not exceptionally, in these battles. Jesse truly came into his own during the first Cyricist uprisings in Amn, Tethyr, and the Vilhon Reach. His own Knight, Ser Dorian Myhr, fell in battle at the battle of Blackriver Dell, in Tethyr. For most of the rest of the campaign, Jesse served as an officer for a company of foot; until the battles of the Vilhon Reach, where Dame Vyranna Moriel observed the ferocious young man in battle. Approving of his zeal and skill at arms, she asked the young man who his Knight was, that she could commend Jesse to him for his prowess; upon learning that his own Knight had died in battle and no other would take him, Vyranna took Jesse as her own Squire.

It was from Vyranna that Jesse found true faith in Bane; before meeting her, Jesse had always been respectful of the beliefs of the Order (which he shared) and the Order's service to Bane (as Lord of Tyranny and Strife) but had never been particularly devout. As he witnessed her prowess and the favor of Bane upon her in the closing battles of the campaign in the Vilhon Reach, Jesse sought her instruction on matters of faith as well as matters of Knightly instruction.

Shortly after this, Vyranna (and therefore Jesse) were dispatched to Thain to scout for locations suitable for an Order chapterhouse. While there, Vyranna declared Jesse ready to be a Knight; without the presence of senior Knights of the Order, however, she could not Knight him, and Jesse served the remainder of their time on Thain as an Armegar. After only eight or nine months, however, Cyricist priests had stirred the chaotic Amn and Tethyr back to the boiling point. The Order was again called into action, and Jesse and Vyranna were recalled to the Mainland to fight.

It was in the Fighting around the Vilhon Reach that Jesse was finally Knighted for his bravery and cool-headed leadership of the company of fallen Ser Kelthys Adramar into the Battle of Wintercloak beside Vyranna. He led the men into particularly brutal fighting along the banks of the river, eventually driving the Cyricist troops to rout. Others observing the battle were chilled and the ferocity and ruthlessness that Jesse showed during the battle, but many were impressed, including Sergeant Cressin d'Orville; the Spearleader of the First Spear of Ser Adramar's company, a hardened veteran of decades of battle with the Order.

With the last of the great Cyricist heresies suppressed, Vyranna was ordered to return to Thain, this time with a new mission: establish a foothold on the island for the Order. She was told she could take any troops or Knights who would volunteer to follow her. Jesse immediately offered himself as her second; much to everyone's surprise, Sergeant d'Orville asked to join the expedition - "to keep Ser and Dame out of trouble", as he put it.

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