Jestin is a level 21 Sacred Warder of Bahamut, metaclassed as a Paladin/Bard/Silver Dragon Disciple, played by Dogbert3000


  • Height: 10'7"
  • Skin: Pale
  • Eyes: Bright Blue
  • Build: Overly top-heavy; muscular.
  • Hair: Dark blue, almost black, shaggier all the time.
  • Features: Large bright silver wings that peak above his head, silver scales across much of his arms and chest, taloned hands.


  • Herblore
  • Commerce
  • Unarmed and martial combat (lance/longbow)
  • Blacksmithing, with a focus on weaponry.
  • Languages known: Draconic, Elven (Poor accent), Gnomish, Abyssal, Dwarven, Undercommon - Duergar dialect, Alzhedo (Learning).
  • Reading/Writing.

Jestin was born to a noble family in Cormyr. He was the third of three boys and had each an elder and younger sister. His family had come to wealth mostly due to his great-great-great grandfather, who was a pure-blooded silver dragon. When the Monastery of the Sheltering Wing approached Jestin's parents requesting to meet with each of their children, they readily agreed. Jestin was determined to be the most able to catalyze his ancestor's blood. He immediately entered the Monastery, meeting, among others, his new brother, Vladimir and new sister, Deidra. In spite of a lengthy list of rule-breaking, a history of pranks, and a fairly lax approach to his studies, Jestin nevertheless excelled in his martial training. He was asked to lead a field exercise with several of the other aspirants at the Monastery to find and kill a young white wyrmling at the age of eleven. Aside from his martial skill, Jestin was trained in several languages, basic field survival, sewing, weapon-forging, singing, and herblore.

Of late, Jestin may be found on the island of Thain, where he was assigned along with Vladimir and Deidra, doing what he can to further the will of Bahamut and promote the overall good of the people.

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