Jiles Blon

Played by Bonesly


Jiles stands about 5 feet, 7 inches tall, weighs about 165 pounds, has light brown hair that is going gray at the temples, greenish-hazel eyes, slightly pointed ears, and tanned skin. It would be fairly easy to identify him as half-elven.

He bears a red-glowing Claddagh ring as a wedding band on his right hand that he never removes. Those that know him well would know the ring is his pledge to Keira Siadys'varilo and that until recently he went by the alias Nijel Slob.


Jiles grew up on his father's farm in Berry Hearth far north of Amn. During a particularly clumsy incident as a youngster mucking out stalls, the other farm hands dubbed him "Slob." He never really knew his mother as she had died on the final expedition his parents took, slain by a sentient creature of great evil. The wanderlust of his mother's elven heritage ignited in him as he grew to adulthood and he left the farm to see the world and satisfy his curiosities of life beyond the farm. In the local taverns of the nearby town center, he learned of his parents auspicious background as adventurers, not just mere farmers. On confronting his father, he acknowledged the hero's background (in fact his wealth had bought the farm and he'd donated a large portion of the remainder to the town's administrators to make enhancements about the village), but would speak no further of the creature that had sealed his mother's fate. He continued his wanderings here and there, but over time grew to a purpose, to find his mother's killer and avenge her death. With this new-found purpose, he went back to his father, but his wanderings had been longer than he'd realized as his father had passed away. Jiles chose to walk under the alias Nijel Slob, a reminder of the lessons of patience and tolerance he'd picked up from his childhood awkwardness, and set out on a life quest to find the trail to the killer of his mother Amrun Elen, an elven woman that had adventured with a human named Richard Blon. He left his inheritance to the folk of Berry Hearth and only kept for himself a single katana that his father had bestowed upon him when he'd first confronted him about the hero stories told in town of the farmer on the hill.

His wanderings eventually brought him to a far flung island across the Sea of Swords to the west in a realm called The Island of Thain.

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