Kadia Ashawe

Played by Falkala

Kadia Ashawe


  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 189lbs
  • Skin: Dappled with thick black scales, normal skin is fairly tan and rough.
  • Eyes: Yellow, but not quite slitted.
  • Build: Toned.
  • Hair: Dark, shoulder length, unevenly cut with a dagger, causing a lot of split ends and frayed hair.
  • Features: Long serpentine tail, two horns from above her brow, pointed teeth. Pointed nose, high cheekbones. Leathery wings.

Kadia was born somewhere on the mainland, living a life as a youth with no traumatic incidents involving her wings being torn off, her lover leaving her for a silly reason, being shunned by her draconic heritage, being raised by some sort of dragon-hating race, or any number of emo history quirks to make people feel sorry for her and call her ‘misunderstood’ rather than ‘evil.’

Kadia was a cruel person from birth. Her parents never understood it. She killed frogs for fun, threw rocks at barn cats, and even once killed one of the neighbors goats simply because she felt like it. From early on she was regarded as different or simply off. Desiring to change her obvious nature, she was sent by her parents to a school in the temples of Waterdeep. There she learned about faith and good and evil and all number of things that interested her little…. until a priestess not of her school found her.

Kadia fell in with a priestess of Tiamat, who began to teach her of the Chromatic Mother and her hatred for the weak, of her prized children, the Chromatic dragons, and of her rules. For the first time in her life, Kadia found something worth giving faith to, and began to serve as a priestess under Tiamat.

Her travels took her to Thain, where she generally looked upon most there with disdain and dislike. She began to take interest in the dragon-kin of the isle, learning of the many ways they drew out her blood- however not a single one seemed to truly Disciple under a dragon like much of her teachings told of.

Feeling the desire to show the Kin of the isle ‘how it’s done’ Kadia pledged herself as a Disciple to Tiamat. Pleased with her service (or so Kadia thinks) Tiamat has slowly granted her more and more features of the dragons she serve. This has caused Kadia to quickly earn the ire of most guards on the isle. She cares little. She adores her scaled body, tail, and wings.

She briefly served with the Talons of Tiamat, attached romantically to their ringleader, Pariah. Pariah’s death and ascension into the service of Tiamat is something that makes Kadia quite proud, if not a bit sad.

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