Kael Dias


  • Player: GearsOfMadness
  • Race: Human (Mulan)
  • Age: Early-Thirties (Appears 20)
  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 170 - 180
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Build: Olympic Athlete
  • Scars: Few to None
  • Tattoos: A large portrait of a black pit viper is drawn across his back, with crimson eyes, and venom-dripped fangs.
  • Classes: Rogue/Monk/Champion of Set (Torm)
  • Former Classes: Rogue/Wizard/Pale Master
  • Professions: Mercenary Employer, Religious Fanatic (Of Himself), Teacher, Thief, and Weapons Collector
  • Social Class In Mulhorand: Noble of House Dias
  • Hometown: Unapproachable East, Mulhorand - Mishtan, City of the Dead
  • Religion: Set, God-King of Malice (To the Right)
  • Languages: Mulhorandi, Thayan, Common, and Draconic
  • Voice: Mildly condescending and direct, as if talking from an elitist's point of view
  • Affiliations: Raven's Watch - Vandal Hawk
  • Miscellaneous: God-Complex

Appearance: Kael appears to be very youthful, as if he were still twenty years old, despite being nearly a decade more. His hair is medium length and combed back, kept neat, and clean. His build is somewhat strong, resembling an Olympic athlete, strong, fit, and agile. His tone is mildly condescending and direct, as if talking from an elitist's point of view. This tone of tongue does have a habit of lifting if he is enjoying himself, which is traditionally followed by a laugh or few.

His back often times holds a black iron sheath, with golden Mulhorandi glyphs inscribed on it for protection. The hand-and-a-half-blade, even when within the sheath appears to hold a very strong magical aura and emits a faint heat. When removed, it is very obvious the blade is one of flame, merely from the heat it exhumes. Those who observe the blade being used in battle may note that as a foe is slain, Kael's speed and battle lust increase substantially. Furthermore, those who witness him in battle may note that he seldom has care for his personal well being, though his movements and strikes are often placed with calculated precision.

Other than his traditional blade, Kael is known to wield an assortment of different arms. He a lot of times carries a longbow strapped around his chest and back, several blades and other small weapons sheathed on his legs and or arms, and others still stowed in magical hip pouches. His right hand is generally adorned with a silver ring, bearing a snake motif, with ruby-red eyes. Lastly, on the back of his belt is normally an aged, brown leather-bound book, with a red-eyed snake design, on a black cover.

  • Goals: Acquiring Artifacts, Godhood, Mastery of Self, and Wealth
  • Interests: Berserkers, Combat, Gardening, Playing Chess as Life, Rare Artifacts, Weapons Collection

Thain Life: When Kael had arrived on the island, he had recently come out of a near decade long period of isolation, which began in the desert, taking him as far as Waterdeep, Amn, and ending in Calimport, before taking a ship to the Isle of Thain. He had overheard bar patrons speaking of powerful relics, stories of Godly battle, and of a great desert located there, and immediately took to seeing what he could find. To most across Faerun, he is known simply as "Traveler", but on Thain, after what seemed like a crusade, the islanders there finally revealed his name to be Kael Dias. In what Kael determined to be "childish" behavior demonstrated by the islanders in both that affair and many others, he slowly over the years built up a bitter contempt for his peers.

His goals were very simple in the beginning and no one mattered to him, but himself. He used women, made jokes at other's expense, and sought out power in any and every form he could come into possession of. More than this, he was also a strong study in Pale Mastery, which yielded unnatural stamina and endurance, as well was the starting point for his God-Complex that carried with him since his early childhood. During the first year of his sojourn on Thain, he took great interest in perfecting his Pale Mastery, of the Wastes, and of proving his Faith to his God-King, Set.

-More to come-

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