Hello, I'm Kalara. I do magic.


Played by Twirlip


  • Age: 20
  • Height: 175cm
  • Weight: about 58kg (depending on recent cake availability)
  • Build: medium
  • Hair: blonde, usually worn in a pony tail
  • Eyes: blue, mischievous
  • Favourite Colour: blue


  • Self taught magic user, using her village's extensive collection of adventure and romance novels as her source material.
  • Her love of books means she usually knows just enough about a lot of things to be dangerous.
  • Can sometimes hit something with her crossbow if she remembers to take the safety catch off. Occasionally it's even what she was aiming at.


  • A large collection of shoes
  • The right ring and necklace for most occasions
  • Her unlucky bunny paw, guaranteed to keep her safe no matter what
  • A large crossbow that a drunk dwarf once sold her against his better judgement


  • Has a fey familiar called Moth, often seen trying (usually unsuccessfully) to persuade her that something might be a bad idea.


  • Classes: Sorcerer(20)
  • Deity: Mystra
  • Languages: Common


Kalara hails from a small fishing village on the Sword Coast a little North of Candlekeep. She was raised by her mother's extended family. She suspects her father was a chance encounter during market day but doesn't know for sure. Her chief skills up until her removal to Thain were mending fishing nets and gutting fish.

She was captured by pirates when she approached a boat on the shore near her village. One of the men noticed her approaching and spoke to another about taking her to market. At which point she smiled thanks, explained how she loved markets but didn't get to go very often, and got in their boat.

Some days later after returning to the ship, it was mentioned that she'd fetch a better price if she could dance and sing. Not really understanding the conversation she explained that she wasn't very good at either but that she could do magic. On being asked to prove it, she somehow managed to accidentally set fire to the ship. Once the fire was out she was thrown overboard but didn't like it in the water and magicked herself back on board.

At this point it was decided that their passenger should be offloaded as a matter of urgency and, after a freak storm which the pirates seemed to blame on her, the nearest land happened to be Thain. She was rowed ashore by two pirates who she understood had been sent to buy some short straw. On disembarking their charge however all plans for shopping were forgotten and they were last seen heading back to their ship with remarkable speed.

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