Kalin Fenthar

Race- Human
Hair - Golden
Eyes - Blue
Spouse - Seana Elaera Fenthar (nee Aethemyr)
Children - Lylea Fenthar
Affiliation - Knight of the Empyrean Aurora and servant of Andarus.
Residence - A dwelling in the North West of Hamley with his wife and occasional guests.1

Sir Kalin Fenthar is a Knight of the Empyrean Aurora having been bestowed the great honour by Colonel Bennars for his years of servitude to the village of hamley and his shared belief in their cause.

He arrived on the Isle a follower of Torm and sought to fight the evils that blighted much of the Island though in so doing he came to become a bastion of the Celestial Light and served andarus by the time of the Shadow War.

During his formative years he was guided by Lady lia-kross and served with the the-keepers-of-thain before devoting himself to the Empyrean Aurora.

He married his sweetheart and stalwart companion Seana Elaera in a joint wedding with their good friends Suna Telmendara and Takano Minoru and the occasion was marked by a humorous and memorable slip of the tongue during the ceremony from jiles-blon who conducted it. Kalin and Seana have a daughter: Lylea Fenthar

In his younger days, and prior to arriving on the Island, Kalin had proven to be more skilled with using a bow than a sword due to his more scrawny physique. Over the years he became more battle hardened and his skills with a sword improved greatly. The weapons he wields hold huge sentimental value to him having belonged to two of his greatest friends and allies. His sword was once wielded by his commander in chief Colonel Bennars and his bow to close family friend willow-erilodel

Kalin made many friends and enemies along the way amongst those the Steward of Hammersong, glognar-heckel, and the Songstress of Hamley, hayleigh-faldanis, became great friends to the Fenthar family over the years.

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