Kaytie Melie

Played by BlackNailedRose/RileyMoon

Basic Information

  • Race: Elf.
  • Age: 126
  • Height: 4 foot, 9 inches
  • Weight: 85 pounds
  • Appearance/Description:

She is mostly seen with a bright smile on her face, her optimistic nature a tranquil dose of happiness to most in her path. She skips with a bounce in her step, a humming tune carried in her voice daily. The voice that can turn to a seductively persuading lure, never leaving her lips unless needed.

Her skin is tanned most days, another odd quality for a redhead but she uses lotions daily that pick a scent of lavender and other exotic oils, leaving her doused in a smell of various flower scents, that keeps her skin unharmed and burnt from the sun. A tribal tattoo twists around her right arm, the coloration of black to most eyes but those with true-sight would see it changes colors daily depending on her mood. It was given to her from an illusionist tattoo artist in Waterdeep.

She barely wears cosmetics, perhaps a slight line of black lines her eyes on occasion but on most days she wears nothing, claiming her beauty comes from within. All in all, nothing is quite different from this elf but for the fact her eyes lay some claim to sadness and dismay. If asked, she won't speak of it.

If to see her with nothing covering her left arm, a skeleton graft would be apparent.

  • Eyes: Pale green.
  • Hair: Long curled red hair, free-falling to just above the curve of her bottom.
  • Languages: Common and Elven.
  • Profession: Songstress, Actress, Dancer, Baker, and Harp Player.
  • Affiliations: None.
  • Patron deity: Sune. Ex-follower of Sharess
  • IC threads of interest:

Her Journal
Her and Her Sisters Past

Pre Thain

Born to the noble Melie family of Aribella, Kaytie and her twin sister celeste-melie, became notoriously known for one of the only twin sets in the region. As the Melie ancestors founded the city, the twins grew into the wealth of the surroundings. During her young age, Kaytie grew into a rebellious sort, never liking etiquette classes and dressing like she should. One to show a little skin, Kaytie attracted male attention different ways then her sister in their growing. Finding this out to her advantage, she studiously pondered how to use it to get what she wanted and use it to find a potential husband for her coming out ball.

When the time came for her and her sisters coming out ball the man who caught her eye at a young age, Andrew, had finally proposed and she accepted. During the ball, her father was poisoned and proceeded to kill the twins mother. He was then killed by the twins older brother, Jude. As the attendants declared all Melies to be killed, Celeste was being taken else way as Jude and Kaytie made their way out of the city by an old escape tunnel they use to play in to a town called Mysterial. They took refuge in a tavern named by the owner, Lux. Here, Kaytie learned the ways of persuade in body language and tongue.

A year later, Jude commited suicide from the personal feelings he had for losing Celeste. Burning his body into ashes, Kaytie stored away his urn in her personal belongs and set off with travel. She traveled all over, earning what coin she could by dancing and performing in local taverns and occasional brothels but as she was highly paid she could pick her chosing and never slept with any customers. During this time she funded herself to be able to look for her sister and payed for personal investigations to track her. Which lead her to Thain.


She came to Thain, a wreak in choice of words. Her songs beginning to take shape in magic, she was lured to the ways of necromantic by her former boyfriend elwrath-mezhuul who then placed a geas on her. As the two split, the geas was used in very harming ways which was later removed by a mage named Jacen Morlock in exchange for Kaytie learning under his wing.
As time changed, she strongly began her own studies, leaving Jacen in the dry and beginning an apprenticeship under the widely-known Bigrin Zedelnor.

Happy with how her art was shapping, and it not using death and corruption to persuade it she calmly started to loose her persuasive pull and became more happy with life. She befriended an elf named Ammon, a bond clearly forming from the start. As the two formed a very wellknown friendship, Kaytie was pulled to her feelings for another man causing confrontations between Ammon and herself. As that relationship dwindled, Ammon and Kaytie left the isle together for awhile as they became bonded. During the time, Ammon and Kaytie went traveling all over the isle, giving Kaytie a new look at life, love, and also religon. She secretly began praying to Sune.

In returning, the two grew further apart, as Kaytie spent most her time trying to persuade her sister to spend time with her, as Celeste was assigned to the leader of the the-keepers-of-thain on the isle. In the end, her and Ammon decided a close friendship was the best thing and the bond that was put between was dismissed by his god.


She's just returned to the isle.

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