Kessara Datson

((Played by legolasgirl1987 ))
Full name: Kessara ((Kesa)) Thraxillonia Datson
Race: 3rd generation Red Dragon-Kin
Class: 8 Sorcerer 10 Red Dragon Disciple 1 Fighter
Profession: None
Hair: Blood red shoulder length curly hair
Eyes: Emerald green reptilian like eyes
Marks: tattoos made up of black ink and red scales cover about 90% of her body
Notable features: Red scales covering her forehead to her temples, a patch on each cheek. Pale red dragon wings sprout from her back
Location: Unknown
Affiliations: None
Langauages Known: Common (fluent), Draconic (Fluent)


Her great grandfather was a red dragon by the name Thraxillion, Which makes Kesa a 3rd generation dragon-kin. It is worth noting that Kesa was born a Dragon-kin, she had scales and wings from birth. She was completely covered from head to foot in scales as a child the only human feature about her was the shape of her body. Tragically her family was travelling along together in a large group when a demon attacked them … they fought bravely but it was too strong and killed every adult that was there. The demon ripped off Kesa's wings and ate them, but thankfully her wing roots remained intact allowing her wings to regrow when her blood grew stronger. The trauma of the attack took it's toll on the poor child causing her draconic blood to become dormant. She was saved by two winged elves who took her in as their own and raised her up. But when they saw the results of her re-awakening her blood they turned on her and she fled from what was once her home and returned to Thain.

Kesa was a promising young sorcerer until she started to re-awaken her draconic blood, when she arrived on the Island of Thain she got immediately involved with the Talons of Tiamat. It's not clear exactly when she left them but she did along with Izuria.She lived in the Northlands for a time and fell into hibernation to hide herself away until it was safe enough for her to return. When she did return she kept to herself until she met Jarek Vandural; a Paladin with dragon-kin blood. Kessara started having problems with Tiamat who started punishing her for leaving her service and forsaking her, playing games with both Kesa and Jarek. Tiamat released Kesa from her control after she had Jarek, but Jarek's pull of love now tries to pull him away from Tiamat. Kessara has returned to her alliegance to Lendys, the god of justice and balance.

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