Kiara Darek-Colds

((played by legolasgirl1987 ))
Full name: Kiara Darek-Colds
Race: Human
Class: 4 Monk/ 1 Sorcerer/ 2 RDD
Profession: Field medic
Marks: Gold and Red Draconic scales on her biceps and thighs.
Hair: Mottled Gold shoulder length hair
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Location: the-crossroads
Affiliations: None
Langauages Known: Common (fluent), Draconic (fluent)

Being with Nelawyn gave Kiara a sense of belonging and peace, trouble was that she was always awake while Nel slept most of the time. By and by Kiara adopted this lifestyle and beceause of her lack of constant rigorous training' she began forgetting her Monk training bit by bit until she could hardly remember anything. Nel tried to help by using his magic to help speed up her training, but a side effect of this became apparent. It reawakened her draconic blood fully, alerting her family to her change. She can now be seen with not only Nelawyn but a strange mini dragon, the thing that makes this dragon strange is that it has both gold and red scales dotted around it's body; Which make things even more curious since Kiara herself has both gold and red scales over her body.


Her mother Libella Colds was a red dragon-kin and her father Zantar Darek was a gold dragon-kin, which is very unusual and very rare. As such Kiara has both types of dragon blood running through her veins that while dormant still make her exhibit signs of a kin because of their conflicting nature. ((signs include her temper, her hair color and her scaly tattoos)) Also due to the conflicting nature of her blood she tries to stay away from using magic, there is no telling what would happen to her if her blood was awakened. For this exact reason she became a monk like her father ((before he gave it up)) She has an older sister Ariak that died when she was young and thanks to her mother had Ariak's soul implanted into her (( this was later rectified thanks to Kiara's persistence in getting rid of her but at the cost of losing her boyfriend)) She also has a twin sister Brianna who was only on Thain for a few days before returning home claiming the island was too weird for her tastes. She also has a little brother Zachery, who she had to kill to uphold the law of her village (( although unbeknown to Kiara, Zachery is very much alive. The whole thing being a plot to test her)) When Kiara was eight she along with her twin sister witnessed their parents fighting and in the end Libella killed Zantar and ripped his wings off throwing them into the fire. Her mother used to abuse Kiara often, which got to be unbearable for her so when she was fifteen she ran away to Waterdeep.

In Waterdeep she met her first boyfriend Jollion Therbrad, a kind and caring guy but he was a little too shy for his own good. She found out the reason why two years later, one day while taking a trip to the market. He was an escaped Thayan slave after refusing point blank to return to his master he was killed in the middle of the street, the thayan apologised to Kiara saying that it was the law they upheld. The Thayan was well known in Waterdeep Theronin Vaybrand. He and Kiara date for well over two years until she found out that he has been sleeping with every women in Waterdeep (( an overstatement no doubt but he did sleep with a lot of them)) Her draconic temper flared up and she pushed him off a cliff (( although she found out recently that he was saved by a passing celric and is now apparently looking for her)) She fled to a small village but was found by Theronin's bodyguards. She was put on a boat, tortured to the brink of death, healed then repeated the process, when they had enough they dumped her lifeless body behind the Trade and Tackel on Thain and quickly fled. She remembered nothing for a few weeks, but recovered her memory during a trip to feywood with Corian Munelen. Corian was her third boyfriend and their relationship progress fast (( a little too fast)) But it ended when Kiara had to leave the island to find a way to get rid of Ariak. When she returned and found Cori with another woman it broke her heart and she hasn't been the same since.

But although her life has taken it's fair share of bumps and bruises she is finally getting along nicely now, finally having a purpose in life and not just to get back at Corian… for she no longer cares about him. With Nel at her side she has more or less returned to a happy life, however Nel's laziness has somewhat rubbed off on Kiara and she no longer seems too bothered with continuing her monk training.

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