Sir Klaudius Korvallis

Klaudius Korvallis is played by iamthedoorman.


Name: Sir Klaudius Korvallis, Knight-Errant in service to the City of Steinkreis
Race: Human
Age: 37
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 201 lbs.
Appearance: Lean, hungry build, constantly scowling. Has the words "BLACKSTONE" branded into his neck, beside the throat.
Tattoos: Over one hundred and fifty names of Steinkreis soldiers and mortal defenders of Thain slain in battle against adventurers.
Demeanor: Foul mouthed and foul tempered. Hostile and mistrusting of magic users and adventurers.
Eyes: Empty sockets, severe burn scarring in area
Hair: Primarily gray, some patches of brown.
Languages: Common, Undercommon (limited), Thieves Cant (sign language)
Profession: Knight-Errant of Steinkreis, Instructor to the Knaves (wilderness survival and combat vs adventurers), Intelligence Officer (in poor standing)
Affiliations: black-merchant-guild, Bastard Sons of steinkreis, the Steinkreis Knights.
Past Affiliations: One time resident of Blackstone Penitentiary, temporarily discharged from service; "citizen" of Raven's Watch in that time.
Patron deity: Lip service to the customs of the Stone Circle and Empyrean, ancestor-worship of his bloodline and Steinkreis' royalty.
Fields of Knowledge: Archery, "situational awareness", reconnaissance, shadow-dancing, medicinal alchemy, anti-shadowdancer tactics, anti-mage tactics
Classes: Rogue 15 / Fighter 6 / Shadowdancer 2
Armament: Greatsword of the Night-Errant (worn on back), Komposite Bow (worn on back), two Dead Hand Krossbows (worn under arms)
IC Thread: For Kreis' Sake (and continuing)


Klaudius Korvallis was born to Kaleb and Maude Korvallis on the outskirts of Websters' Landing. Maude died in childbirth, and Kaleb died of alcohol poisoning from overconsumption of moonshine when Klaudius was five years old. Klaudius lived on his own, following his father's (illegal) trade of poaching. After one too many incidents with the Knights and Brotherhood Guard alike, Klaudius' uncle, Sir Karmine Korvallis, Knight of Steinkreis, arrested his own nephew with the intention of leaving him in custody for a few days to "sort him out".

Karmine Korvallis was killed two days later in the Rooms of Ruin alongside a contingent of his fellow knights, where his soul remains bound in the clutches of the Mechanist Control Unit to this day.

Klaudius was lost to record, for his sentencing had not been official, and remained a resident of Blackstone for fifteen years, during which time he kept his sanity by listening to songs wisping down from the Steinkreis Opera House above. His sentence was lifted after a shortage of cells led to a warden choosing to release Klaudius, judging him "no longer a threat to the city".

He spent several weeks scavenging and begging on roadsides, seeking purpose for his life, but saw an example posed by adventurers-turned-Knaves fighting for his city of birth. He sought his own position among the Knaves, and though his first patrol ended with the mauling of a fellow Knave and Klaudius himself, a second chance from Sir Feldan Rittermark did not go to waste. Klaudius, for all his flaws, passed muster and became a member of the Steinkreis Knaves.

The next major change of Klaudius' life came when his path crossed with the shadowdancer Tadeg Enbolle and the dragon disciple Richo Darkscale. After Klaudius and a team of adventurers successfully took the two murderers into custody, Korvallis escorted them to Blackstone to be held for trial.

Something ocurred in the depths of Blackstone that day. Some say Klaudius stood before the cell that had once housed him, looked at the two beaten monsters, and had a breaking moment of mercy. Others say Klaudius saw an opportunity to infiltrate enemy ranks and took it. Whatever the reason, Klaudius freed both men and fled with them into the Shadow Plane, and spent the next several months practicing and learning alchemy in Raven's Watch. He fought beside enemies of the city, parleyed with monsters, tried (unsuccessfully) to enter the good graces of the Vandal Hawks, and when not at these tasks, haunted the alleys of the city that called him deserter in search of criminal prey.

He would ultimately surrender himself to Steinkreis in an attempt to buy a reprieve for several monstrous adventurers he had formed a close bond to. He was taken back to Blackstone, where he met a face from his past: Regis Vallale, Head Torturer of Blackstone.

Klaudius refused efforts of his associates to be freed from Blackstone, insisting he had business to see to with the torturer. In a reckless gambit, he attempted to poison and murder Regis Vallale when the torturer came to exact penance from Klaudius' flesh. His attempt failed, though he wounded Regis, he was subdued by Steinkreis soldiers. Helpless and defeated, Korvallis was bound and the torturer cut out his eyes with a cursed blade, corrupting the flesh (which would complicate attempts to restore his sight).

After the incident, Klaudius was returned to his cell, but soon received a visit from Commander Feldan Rittermark, who gave Klaudius a full pardon (stating that Klaudius' had "paid the price") and explained that Regis' depraved actions had led to the torturer's dismissal from service. Attempts to arrest Regis failed, as the man fled into the Steinkreis lowtown, where he supposedly remains in hiding to this day.

Klaudius spent many months struggling to recover his motivation and purpose, refusing to retire or back down from service to his city. In this time he embraced his shadowdancer abilities and learned to sense the shadows as compensation for his lost sight, and trained his ears to "read the wind" alongside the Qui Vive. During this time, he restored contact with his associates from Steinkreis and Raven's Watch alike, and went hunting for one of the two convicts that he had freed at the start of this grim journey. Ultimately, he caught up to Richo Darkscale, and led the dragonkin into an adventurer ambush. Richo was defeated, and Klaudius consigned the dragonkin's corpse to the Abyss through the Wastegate.

This victory restored Klaudius' drive and he doubled his efforts on his training. He learned to wield his sword without his eyes, and even to fire his bow through the thick of a raging melee by memorizing the position and sounds of his companions. He continued to fight for his city inside and outside its walls, with or without orders to do so, and in time, his efforts were recognized by the city. By the recommendation of Feldan Rittermark and Lord Regent Bargus Telmoran, Klaudius Korvallis was made Knight-Errant in service to Steinkreis, instructor to the Knaves, and an intelligence officer for the Steinkreis military.

Today, Klaudius struggles with failing health and an encroaching sense of despair. He wants nothing more than to die in service to his city and let his legacy end without further controversy, but he will not take his own life so long as there is still a "war to win". And due to Thain's near-constant state of battle and strife, it is unlikely he will find the reprieve he is looking for. He devotes his attention to the affairs of his city, but will frequently range outside Steinkreis territory to make sure his "contacts" (his word for friends, or at least people he doesn't want to kill) aren't getting themselves killed in some remote, dusty ruin.

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