Knüzd Todarg’kon

Played by rocketnumber09

Knüzd, son of Todarg, is a hobgoblin swordsman and mercenary known for his quick temper, thick skull, and skill with a blade. On the mainland, he was a Lieutenant of the First Perimeter with the Flayers, a goblinoid tribe infamous for their ruthlessness. Knüzd has seen his fair share of combat, and has come to Thain seeking gold, violence, and renown. He has a strong dislike for humans, dwarves, and halflings, and a special hatred reserved for those of elven blood. He has a particular weakness for strong drink and bloody battle.

General Info:

  • Age: 22
  • Race: Hobgoblin
  • Tribe: Flayers
  • Rank: Lieutenant of the First Perimeter
  • Height: 6’8”
  • Weight: 240lbs
  • Hair: Dark reddish-brown, braided with beads and small bits of bone and iron
  • Skin: Red-orange, with coarse orange fur
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Known Languages: Goblin, Common (speaks with a heavy, guttural accent)
  • Deity: Maglubiyet
  • Distinguishing Marks: Numerous scars, piercings, tribal brand on right bicep, bite taken out of left ear
  • Gear: Steel plate-armor, steel broadsword (flame enhanced), tower shield, helm, Bracers of Thorn

Physical Description:

Knüzd is large even for a hobgoblin. He is a towering brute, standing well over six and-a-half feet tall. He uses his imposing figure to his advantage, standing always at his full, intimidating height. Like most males of his kind, he has red-orange skin, covered in a coarse orange fur. His ears are long and bat-like (the left one appears to have had a large bite taken out of it) and his eyes are a vivid yellow. The tribal brand of the Flayers is burned into his right bicep—a cleaver and a sword crossed over what looks like a human skull. Besides this, Knüzd has various other tattoos and ritualistic scars carved into his arms, chest, and back. He has iron rings pierced into his right ear, left brow, and septum. He keeps his beard trimmed and neat.

Knüzd is garbed at all times in a well-maintained burnished steel breastplate, pauldrons, gauntlets, and greaves. A fine steel broadsword is sheathed comfortably at his girdle, and his hand often strays absently to its leather-wrapped hilt. This is a peculiar weapon, granted to him by a previous employer of Thayan origin, which ignites in flames at the wielder's command. Strapped to his left forearm is usually a steel tower shield of fine tempering that appears to be of human or dwarven make. On both arms he wears a strange pair of bracers with hidden hatches. These hatches can pop open to fire a spread of roughly a dozen poisoned manticore barbs. He is never seen without his horned helm.


Bullheaded, short-tempered, and merciless, Knüzd is a ruthless warrior and tactician. He is completely apathetic to the matters of humans, dwarves, halflings, and elves, hoping only that he will live to see the day when they all tear each other apart in their blood feuds and political disputes. He relishes combat and violence, finding that he is happiest in the heat of battle. Known for his brutality, it is not uncommon for Knüzd to decapitate, dismember, or humiliate opponents after besting them in combat. He is bloodthirsty and unfeeling.

Knüzd is startlingly intelligent, possessing a keen intellect and a sharp head for tactics and strategy. He speaks Common almost flawlessly, his guttural accent the only indicator of it not being his native tongue. Innately, he possesses the feral nature and lust for blood of all goblinoids. But, like many of his hobgoblin kin, he is cunning and crafty, if a bit reckless. Though he would much rather bash a man's head in than talk with him, Knüzd is apt to use intimidation and persuasion to avoid combat with certain individuals. Despite this, he is fairly laconic, speaking only when he deems it wholly necessary. Knüzd is a creature of action, rather than words. But when one looks past the primitive gleam in Knüzd's yellow eyes, one might find that which is truly dangerous about him—his intelligence.

He is quick to anger and prone to sudden acts of violence and fits of rage, especially towards those of elven blood. He enjoys strong drink and a heavy purse at his belt. At his core, Knüzd is a mercenary soul, even killing his own kind in exchange for loot and brew. He sells his skills as a swordsman, thug, and tactician to the highest bidder.

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