Kore Phrixus

Played by BlackNailedRose/RileyMoon

Basic Information

  • Race: Human.
  • Age: Mid-twenties.
  • Height: 5 foot, 3 inches.
  • Weight: 140 pounds.
  • Complexion: Ivory skin toned, but can be seen with a tanned complexion during the hottest weathers of the years.
  • Appearance: She stands high, even at her short stance. Her chin always raised high and shoulders back with a perfect stance. She appears average, no doll-like or sacrificing beauty, but her skin is soft to most eyes and her eyes are the palest of colors. Not seen in racy or appalling clothing, she wears attire that covers most of her body, with only a small line of skin showing straight down to her navel. Her breasts well hidden with fabric. Her speech and well-kept appearance point to a life of privilege in part, but yet her eyes so meager and innocent tell something is missing. She is never considered intimidating because of her young rounded face, and yet her voice can ring with sarcasm, prudence, and dominance only few can learn and commit too.

Around her waist are two whips braided into a belt, the leather-bound handles tied to her side for each reaching. Her hands are gloved in black, simple gloves made just for whip-handling. If to to see her without, a ring of black is on her smallest finger. During battles and standing around, she twists the ring to gain her strength and abilities back, for the ring is lined with small needle heads inside causing the pain infliction needed for the daily refreshing.

  • Build: Even while small standing, she looks well toned and exercised. Her arms and legs pulling the most muscle.
  • Eyes: Pale green.
  • Hair: Her hair is a metallic shinning silver color; small hints of lavender and lilac highlight the long threads that freely flow to just below her shoulders to just above her breasts.
  • Languages: Common,Chondathan, Elven, and Amnian Phrasing
  • Profession: Pain of Loviatar, Whip Mistress, Necromancer, and Researcher.
  • Affiliations: Not affiliated to any particular grouping.
  • Patron deity: Loviatar
  • Fields of knowledge: Religion, Whips, Torture and Torment {including devices, potions, and or curses}, Healing {limited}, Necromancy.
  • Tattoos/scars: Her whole back has whiplash marks that have scarred in various directions and various poses. At the touch, the skin is soft and the scars are very unnoticeable through the touch, yet the skin itself is of course scarred and branded to the perfection. A few scars are found elsewhere where she’s cut into herself for infliction during battles calling forth for spells. Most places that are commonly seen while in attire, she keeps smooth and untouched. Her back is never shown in public and rarely is her arms. Other then her infliction to her Maiden, her body is unhindered.

Pre Thain

Kore Phrixus was born as Korenitha Remminea, a daughter to one of the leading merchant cities, Athkatla. Her father, a well-known merchant of the city, had made her and her sister, Ameiliana, and his wife, Ramilan, a stable and reliable home. The wealthiest merchants of Amn of course, where able to almost buy their nobility, and that is exactly what Korenitha’s father did. With so many material possessions, and demonstrated success in business, The Remminea family was a proud and well-known family of the Gem District for the first twelve years of Korenitha’s life. Over the years, and as her family slowly decreased to the slum of the community, and after the death of the youngest, Ameiliana, her family moved to the dock region of Athkatla, where he became a sailor, and her mother; a barmaid. Korenitha was hired on as a baker, in one of the small baker shops off from the city streets. During this stay, she learned about Loviatar. Underneath the small knit buildings that connected a bakery, seamstress, and produce stores, was an establishment where Truescars and Pain’s lived accordingly while the novices ran the stores and kept an eye out for things; later returning to their homes.

When she was sixteen, Korenitha, had ran away from her families home, after she was caught drowning one of the only servants her father still had for trying to disturb her in ways, untold. With respect and true admiration to her new life, she dyed her hair, changed her facial appearances with the small coin she had, and silenced her long forgotten and well-hated name with one of her own as it is known still to this day as Kore Phrixus. Yet, to most, it is known as just Phrixus.

History on Thain ((SPOILER ALERT))


She came to Thain in travel with her servant Victor Jest as told to by her adviser to scout and bring justice to the lands that have not yet been traveled. Most of her abilities were stripped as a dedication to her Maiden, her act and threat to the isle was to bring the shattering pain and torment to those who deserve it, and those who lusted for it. While establishing herself within the community, she'd frequent the ravens-watch, usually meeting people of the like and abilities of her own to adventure and seize with. She'd found herself connected with other necromancers such as Jacen Morlock and Sebastian Crosse, and within the help of those two men, she begin ascending into her powers.

Over time, she was able to meet several people she grow to like. Ashan Nefzen, a Talona follower, being one of them. Through their mutual ideals and connection, the two put aside the differences between their Goddesses, and established a well-known alliance between their working, even still knowing that one day they might be at each others throats. She'd seen most of the isle, researching and becoming in-tune with the land, earning herself a fair share of coin which was used to finally reach her achievement of renting her own home in the city of steinkreis on Bakers Street. With little material possessions and two other rooms to fill, she looked to a striving necromancer kurasa-shinale to occupy her home. Soon, the two formed a mother-daughter connection, where Kore sought help and teaching for Kurasa to learn and aid herself in growing strength and the ability to hold over her magic that flowed inside of her.

While studying various groups, hazards and teaching Kurasa, Kore persuaded herself to try to induct another lady to the lifestyle of Loviatar, where her plan to adopt a teenage child from the orphanage came into plan. Using the charming alluring tones and features of Sebastian Crosse posing as her husband, "Betty and George Henderson" conspired a plan to grant this child a life of learning or freedom. With no harm done, and very simple and subtle smiles, easily mixed with ways of persuasion and affectionate glances to the other, Kore and Sebastian pulled off the act easily enough to get by to see the children. Only one was a female, and teen. Leonna Desdemoda was adopted and brought to her home, where she currently resides, and is learning the ways through physical and mental educations.

Currently, Kore found herself in a couple of binds.

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