Krin Desat

Played by Cobbie66


  • Race/Sex: Half-Elven Male
  • Apparent Age: In his 70s
  • Height: 5'10”
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • Hair: Red, long and braided into shaggy dreadlocks
  • Eyes: Blue

When in wolf form, Krin appears as a 700 pound Dire Wolf with reddish fur.


  • Profession: Ranger (Class - ranger 21)
  • Birthplace: The Elven kingdom of Wendar
  • Residence: feywood
  • Languages: Common, Elven.
  • Deity: Once a follower of Solonor Thelandira (still honored), he now follows the Wolf-Child of valorien, and the Elemental Aspects (Mainly Enthaet).


Krin usually wears his leather armor and is rarely seen without his dark blue-grey cloak which was imbued with the partial essence of a wolf's spirit. He often travels holding a staff shaped like a herder's crook, and always has a greatsword strapped to his back. While somewhat scruffy-looking at times, he keeps himself clean. Those standing close to him might however, catch a faint musky scent reminiscent of a wolf.


Alpha of wolf pack Far-Runner. Husband of jalla-desat
Former Keeper of Thain, former member of the Hamley Irregulars, current member of the telvarataurie.

History and etc

Trained by the elven master ranger Corryth of clan WolfRunner, Krin began his career in his homeland of Wendar as one of the rangers serving the throne. Tragedy forced him to flee, and this is how he came to be on Thain.

Krin is a veteran of the the-shadow-war, fighting mainly in the defense of hamley, and spying on the Shadows, watching for their advance. He is now a competent ranger, at ease in the wild, and usually accompanied by one or more members of the wolf pack he leads. He has knowledge of herbs and roots, of wolf-lore and the packs. He always tracks best when in wolf-form, with his keen sense of smell. Krin has a near unnatural confidence when dealing with animals, and can easily calm and even communicate with the most savage beasts. Birds are an exception to this, for reasons unknown - Krin has great difficulty communicating with, or calming them. Krin is uncomfortable with heights unless climbing a tree, and while he does not fear the sea, usually gets sick whenever on a boat and avoids boarding one whenever possible.

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