Kurasa Shinale

Played by Kagali


Basic Information

  • Race: Human
  • Classes: Sorcerer
  • Age:: Nineteen
  • Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
  • Weight: 97 lbs
  • Complexion: Her skin is very, very pale. Depending on who you ask, her skin tone might be described as 'deathly white' or 'dove-feather white'. For obvious reasons, she prefers the latter description.
  • Markings: On the outside of Kurasa's left arm, she has a tattoo, inked by Kore Phrixus. The tattoo shows a skull sitting atop a scroll, with a delicate quill etched into the 'background'. Jergal_symbol.jpg
  • Description: Normally, she appears in dark clothing that sharply contrasts with her pale, pale skin, preferably in shades of black, mixed with reds and/or dark purples and blues. Unexpected of her very timid and shy demeanour, she actually prefers somewhat fashionable clothing, though she generally draws the line at showing off her arms and a little of her chest via the occasional low-ish neckline. Her eyes are something of a mystery, if anyone notices; sometimes they can be the palest of blues, and other times they will be almost glowing with a strange and sinister red light. When she speaks, her voice is filled with a strange and quiet calm and kindness, and just a hint of maternal warmth, a tone of voice that she holds with seemingly anyone. Anyone who knew her in her early years on Thain may notice this departure from how she used to be; when she first arrived, she was known to stutter whenever she spoke and would generally avoid getting too close to people, as if she was afraid to be touched. Now, she carries herself with an odd confidence, no longer being plagued by the worries she once held. Also, people will often find her hard NOT to look at, as she is considered by 'normal' people to be more than a little attractive; if she is in just the right mood and spirits, males in particular may even have a hard time tearing their eyes off of her.
  • Build: Very light and fragile; what weight she has is somehow perfectly placed just to give her an alluring frame, but little else.
  • Eyes: Varied. Light grey-blue most of the time, but sometimes, when she is subjected to a 'mood swing', they are a sinister, glowing red.
  • Hair: Raven black, shimmering, willowy. Somewhat long, falling down just to her shoulders, and is blown about by even the slightest of breezes.
  • Languages: Has been heard speaking Common and, on rare occasion, Elven. Unknown if she knows any others.
  • Profession: No real profession, though she is a necromancer/sorcerer by nature.
  • Affiliations: Living alone in her Hamley home
  • Patron Deity: Jergal
  • Fields of knowledge: Necromancy, magic, tailoring.

There are a few that know of Kurasa's past/history/predicament, namely kore-phrixus, Sebastian Crosse, and litiana-jr-enei. She used to be seen often in Kore's company, and as such, was sometimes seen in the company of people like Jacen Morlock, Galeshi Rabahn, Ashan Nefzen, eswyn, and razon-bani. Kurasa is very loyal to Pain Phrixus, seeing her as both a mother-type figure and her dearest friend. Lately, though, ever since Kore's lengthy trip back to the mainland, Kurasa's social circles have changed. It was not uncommon to find her in the company of one Serenity Taylor, a kind, sweet, and shy young lady that could very well be described as a more innocent version of Kurasa; in fact, Kurasa came to view the girl as a sort of 'little sister', and even lived with her for a time in Hamley. Kurasa still lives in that home now, a good decade later.

As a result of her necromantic sorcery, Kurasa has been forced to become used to manipulating death magics and negative energies. One consequence of this is that, from time to time, she must feed on the life force of living beings (via the Vampiric Drain spell). For a short time after such feeding, her eyes glow a bright red from the flood of life and negative energies within her; she also has a major personality change, becoming confident, playful, and quite flirtatious. It seems there is little that she dislikes in this 'mode', save for ugly things, and there is also little that she won't do like this.

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