Basic Information

  • Name: Letheria Eli'dandi
  • Age (at death): 149
  • Race: Avariel
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 85lbs (Hollow Bones)
  • Metaclassing: Bard/Ranger/Arcane Archer metaclassed as Dragonstalker.
  • Current Status: Deceased, soul cursed.

Before Thain
Letheria was born among a very mall enclave of Avariel in a tropical forest bordering a great marshland. Her family group ran for most of her early life from dragonkind and other dangers. Growing up with a firmly cemented hatred of all dragons, Leth spent most of her time at home between studying her hated enemies and working her glasscraft. Through a series of mishaps and selfish choices, Leth's actions led to the purposeful crippling of a rival's wings. Sentenced to clipping and banishment herself, the cowardly avariel fled off shore and landed on Thain.

After Thain
Early Times
Leth's arrival on Thain was met with surprise by the local elves, who were quick to accept her as one of their cousins. However the rest of the island wasn't so accepting, but it suited Leth fine to remain reclusive in the Feywood. At the time her race had a poor reputation brought on by Eshtarra's early escapades.
Letheria fell in with the Tel'v fairly quickly, but never obtained membership herself. Being an Avariel made her a prime target for Dragonkin and their supporters, putting her at odds with a large fraction of the island's population.

Enter: Mesher
Not too long after her arrival, Leth found herself tangled up with a wolven spirit named Mesher. At the mercy of the mad spirit's whims, Leth's fate went into the hands of her allies, whom brought the wolf to his senses and foolishly decided to make the bond with Leth permanent. Mesher took advantage of the situation and forced Letheria into a pact that would grant her reprieve from his animalistic nature so long as she served him later in death.

Rise of the Dragonkin
Pariah, a priestess of Tiamat, began to grow tired of the dragonkin of the isle being under constant press of the good forces, and began to rally them under her banner. Her allies grew quickly in number until even in the Feywood Letheria couldn't be sure she was safe. Eventually when she could run no more, Letheria found herself captured and at the mercy of Pariah's Talons. Weeks of painful torture ensued, changing Letheria on the inside out and eventually making her feel numb to their attacks. When Pariah felt her plaything had had enough, she cut off Leth's wings and cast her down into the Drakamyre.

Golden Age of Understanding
Letheria was rescued by several allies who had gotten a tip off to her location. but none were able to regrow her lost limbs. Unable to muster up the pity most Avariel would feel, Leth simply walked on and learned how to act and live life as a normal elf. She began to truly forge friendships for the first time since her arrival on Thain, but still felt the pull of the sky more than the pull of her allies to the ground. Eventually great sacrifice was made to restore her to her former glory, but at the cost of her understanding of ground races. After that, she slowly began to detach from the world around her, floating between causes and allies. Moving to Greenvale, she took up Glasscraft again and used it as an excuse for her constant distraction from the world around her.

Out of contact with those around her, Letheria found herself without aid when she fell in the Northlands. Her killer is unknown, and most of her body was taken by the elements. Mesher took his part of the agreement with Letheria, binding her soul and forcing it into the shape of a wolf.

She is seen wandering cold lands of Thain now, or heard howling in the night.

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