Lia Kross

Played by Yasmyn

  • Race - Human (or so she has always believed)
  • Height - 5' 6"
  • Hair - Dark red
  • Eyes - Forest green
  • Apparent Age - 30 years.
  • Appearance - With a warm welcoming smile and an open, honest face, you instantly feel that the beautiful woman before you is someone you can trust. She moves gracefully, and her every move exudes confidence. Over her shoulder is slung a lute - you suspect from this that she has musical leanings - but the two weapons at her hilt suggest that she is also very well able to handle herself in combat.
  • Affiliation - The Keepers of Thain, Celestial Knights


Lady Lia Kross. Celestial Champion of andarus, Keeper of Thain, honorary member of the Empyrean Aurora and friend to Queen Yu'syu.

Who could have imagined a simple bard and blacksmith's daughter could rise so high?

During her first visit to Thain, Lia grew as a musician, a fighter and a person. Her good nature and conviction in her actions brought her to be known well by many factions throughout the land. Through service to the Empyrean Aurora, she was made an honorary member of the guard and bequeathed the armour of a fallen guard. Her aid in rescuing Yu'syu from the Poisonwood and bringing her to sit upon the throne of greenvale earned her the recognition of andarus.

Lia fought many of Thain's evils over the years. She was present at the second fall of chane-dalley and at the fall of the god-children Minah and Rathe. Greatest of her enemies, with whom she held long-running feuds, included Amel and his companion Narwyn, who terrorised the island for some years, and Anyndur the wizard, whose acts were as insane as they were evil.

Among her closest friends Lia counted andras-d-arkkon, Salie Gall, Elithruldor Leonalley and Suna Telmendara.

Following a period of several years' absence, Lia has returned to Thain to find that in some ways, the island has changed much, and yet in others, things are as they ever were. She felt the loss of andarus keenly during her travels, yet some hope still sparks within her that the Celestial Light may not yet be extinguished from the island. She continues to serve as a Keeper, to aid the Empyrean in protecting Hamley, and to act with compassion and grace in her travels across the island.

Although she may be found wearing the armour of the Empyrean or the unmistakeable Celestial Plate, Lia is most often found wearing a simple robe of red and black, ti-ana-s-armour. In battle she wields two short blades, one of which is known as the singing-sword, so called because it seems to sing as it flies through the air, making a sound that is amplified many times when it strikes its target.

Curiously, despite her belief that she is human, Lia has aged little since leaving Thain.


Her father was a blacksmith and she never knew her mother. Raised in the company of men, Lia was never going to be shy or retiring. Nor, however, was she remotely interested in taking up her father's trade. From a young age, music was her passion and, over time, it became her life. Earning her money from tavern to tavern, accompanying herself either on a small harp or a lute, she brought in enough to supplement her father's earnings through the smithy and, for a time, they lived comfortably, the two of them. Never short of admirers, she found little of interest in those who yearned after her.

The same routine became the same dull routine, and after a time, past her twenty-first birthday, Lia gave into the wanderlust that had begun to pull at her. She had heard of an island, a place of wonders, of magic and of adventure. A place where a young, beautiful bard might make a name for herself. Strapping her lute over her shoulder and securing her two blades at her hips, she bade farewell to her father and set forth for the sea journey which would lead her to the island of Thain.

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