• Gender: Male
  • Race: Elf
  • Classes:(( Rogue/(Wizard)
  • Age:** 350, give or take a few decades
  • Deities: None
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Chaotic Good/Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil)
  • Current Residence: No single place
  • Known Languages: Common, Elven, (others may be recalled)
  • Build: Average height, wiry frame
  • Physical oddities: Aside from his odd behaviour, there are circular, black-and-violet marks on his back and torso. There is also an invisible, but tangible sense of powerful, suppressed magic.

The Lip of Today

Today, Lip, as he is known, is little more than a crazed rogue. He survives only by an ongoing miracle, for his behaviour is borderline suicidal, though that may not be his intention. He claims to be followed and antagonized by 'Them,' whom he readily accuses cattle, pigs, and the like of being.

This Elven man bears little in common with the dashing stereotype of a rogue. He is far from charismatic, though his presence is definitely detectable when he is not readily concealing it, which he is quite good at. His nimbleness is uncanny, and there is something overly calculating about his eyes.

Interactions with Lip are typically very strange by most peoples' standards. He is often flung into fits of raving madness, and he raises his voice and points out things that are suspicious to him frequently during conversation. That said, he is capable of working together with others, and, perhaps due to his overly cautious nature, is very perceptive to all sorts of potential threats.

The Lip of Yesterday

As he occasionally alludes to, Lip seems to be hurled across the planes, and even reality itself at an alarming frequency. For some time, he has been to a number of places, strange, familiar, and otherwise, some of which he refers to (such as the "Plane of Phantasmal Hearts"), and others which he has no memory of, other than having been there. His memory, too, has suffered because of these jumps, though there may be another reason for his failed memory.

Since Lip has literally been placed in different realities, he has a hard time realizing what the current reality is, and what his original reality might have been. Some ideas have persisted, though, such as the existence of gold, clerics, and magic. Though, he has experienced planes where the residence did not recognize what he was in the slightest. One persisting reality about Lip himself, throughout these shifts, was that his physical form has remained intact and completely unchanged. Even in places where magic did not exist, he radiated it, and where the color white did not exist, his hair remained as such.

The Lip of Long Ago

Lip did not always exist in between planes, or as an entity who was hurled across them. He was born to typical Elven parents in Faerun and given the name "Lipsidious" as a joke. As he came to the age where he could use reason and logic, Lip accepted this name, to the dismay of his now-regretful parents, and he went to pursue a vocation in the arcane arts.

Lipsidious dabbled in all sorts of magic, being a great supporter of the Weave Theory. He was an accomplished wizard at a relatively early age, for an Elf, having become the headmaster of a private arcane university, and when generic, common magic began to bore him, Lip began an in-depth research on Liches. He learned that Liches could acquire great power; this was his first great folly.

Lip sought to be like a Lich, except that he would not be as much "undead" as they would. So, he immersed himself in private, secluded study, removing himself from public wizardy, and prepared the customized ritual. This, however, would not be entirely completed. Righteous students and staff of the university that Lip was a headmaster of learned of Lipsidious' plan, and they took action to stop his ascension to Lichdom.

However, Lip knew of their intentions, and so the cunning Elf acquired an inside man who was to activate a contigency if they ever got to close to thwarting him. The day came when Lipsidious was to begin the ritual, and so he did, only to be interrupted by the band of wizards. The inside man was among them, and his intentions were fully to aid Lipsidious, but things went wrong for all of the involved parties.

Though Lipsidious was a wizard with awesome power, he could not help but be overwhelmed by the others. They restrained him and began to place special seals on him, so that he would be nothing more than "Lip the Elf." They were only halfway successful, as the traitorous student activated the contigency as instructed. However, he did not properly prepare the spell, and in combination with the sealing magic, the entire process went haywire. The student found himself disintegrated, and all of the band either shared his fate or were sent away inexplicably and instantaneously.

Lipsidious, however, was affected uniquely. His magic and awareness was sealed, locked away by the marks, the seals, that the rest of them had placed upon him. As he was not able to follow his own plan, he was hurled through the planes, and perhaps reality itself.

Wherever he landed, he was "Lip," and as the sealing was not complete, he retained a nominal memory of who was after him. The tangible radiation of magic, as well as many of his quirks, can be attributed to this miscast contigency spell in addition to the sealing magic and the Lich ascension ritual. The spell continues to affect him, occasionally triggering and flinging him to yet another plane or dimension.

The Lip of Tomorrow

It is possible that this seal, and any of the haywire magic attached to him might be broken or removed, but only by very drastic means. If Lip were to regain his memory, through whatever means, he might also know a way to break the magic.

Anyone would rue the day, however, that Lipsidious returns. He was a disturbed man before he attempted to become a Lich. However, his experiences might have taught him to be a better person, and so it is possible that Lipsidious might return as a more sane individual, or at least become one after he returns.

More likely than not, he would retain the memories and skills acquired during his many years of traveling the planes, and perhaps with a greater sense of clarity on just what was happening. In the same way, those memories might have colored his personality, and so he might not become any less manic and jittery. Due to the nature of magic and the blunder that occured, the possibilities are endless.

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