Litiana Jr'enei

((Played by legolasgirl1987 ))
Full name: Litiana Jr'enei
Race: Elf
Classes: 9 Wizard/ 6 Pale Master/ 1 Fighter
Profession: Necromancer, Death Summoner, Pale Master.
Hair: Long white following hair, shoulder length when tied up, down to the bottom of her back when not.
Eyes: Pale blue
Marks: none
Notable features: Has an undead graft (( left arm)) which is usually covered by cloth or a strong illusion
Location: Unknown
Affliations: Unknown
Langauages Known: Common (fluent), Elven (fluent), Abyssal (semi-fluent)

Litiana was born to Elven parents but at a very young age she was taken away from them because her parents were necromancers and the dwarves of their mountain-side village didn't want Liti growing up like that. Her parents unbeknown to anyone had been cursed by a powerful demon that they crossed, Her mother is now a hell hound that secretly follows her around everywhere and her father is now a Balor trapped in the abyss by the demon who cursed him and bound to serve him.

But still Liti grew up with a fascination with necromancy, which made her unpopular with the other children of the magic school. After a few years of being tormented and beaten up she finally got her revenge. During the magic schools open night with two thousand strong wandering through the halls, Liti had placed a huge amount of explosives in the center of the school and blew the whole building up. The ones who had tormented her were the only ones to escape ironically enough. Liti tortured them with her magic, made them suffer with her very sharp daggers until she got bored then she finally killed them. She of course fled from the village and began her journeys, wandering around from place to place growing more and more angry about the attitude towards necromancers and their craft…. and so by a boring and long drawn out set of circumstances blah blah blah … she ended up on the Island of Thain

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