Llalee Cyrrareenna

Played by Xerah

General Info:

  • Age: 20
  • Race: Lightfoot Halfling
  • Homeland: Sword Coast
  • Height: 2'9"
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Dark Blue
  • Known Languages: Fluent in Common, Halfling
  • Deity: Yondalla
  • Distinguishing Features: Her braided hair
  • Gear: Leather armour with two short swords across her back.
  • Affiliation: The right-sized-maidens-and-knights


The female halfling stands rather short at 2'9" and weighs about 29 lbs. She has ruddy skin, dark blue eyes and shoulder length, braided, brown hair interwoven with pieces of leather. Also braided into her hair is a small (~1" in diameter) shield with a hard to see design.

Llalee has numerous piercings in each ear and two above her left eye. The rings and studs are adorned with inexpensive but colourful gemstones. Overall, she is a rather attractive little hin, or, as some might say, cute as a button.

She is often seen in some sort of leather or hide armour with two short swords across her back. When she is not in her combat equipment, she still dresses as a typical halfling with very colourful, unique clothing.

Llalee speaks common almost with no accent leading one to possibly believe that humans rather than her own kind raised her. Her voice is also quite soothing and gentile.

Early Life:

Llalee, means 'home' in halfling, was born into a halfling clan who traveled up and down the South Coast. Her mother was a priestess of Yondalla and brought her up the same way. Her life turned off course when she got a bit older and her grandfather began telling her stories of his old adventuring days. Llalee had no plans to turn away from Yondalla, but she wanted to devote herself more to helping other rather than just taking over for her mother. So, she became a Wayward Warden of Yondalla and took passage on a ship bound for the Island of Thain.

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