Magnus d'Angilo

Human, early twenties. He is of average height, and has brown hair and eyes. He is strong without being overly muscular.
He is calm most of the time, even in battle. In fact, it seems like it would take an awful lot to thoroughly scare him. His way of speaking is very correct, and he tends to call people by their rank rather than their name or nickname. As such he may come off as a bit of a strange fellow, dull, perhaps even snappish and devoid of humour. This is not the case.


  • Common

Notable skills:

  • Healing, field medicine (heal, lore)
  • Limited knowledge of deities and monsters (lore)
  • Rhetoric (persuade and taunt)
  • Well-trained, disciplined (discipline, concentration)

Magnus was raised in a monastery devoted to Tyr. His parents were poor, and not long after leaving him in the care of Tyr’s servants, they died of starvation.
Having no other choice, the monks trained him as a servant of Tyr. While it was not unusual for young children to receive training by the monks, it was usually restricted to the sons and daughters of noble families, who then made sure to make a notable donation to the monastery in return. While most left when they were old enough to be married, or when their families needed them, some of the children stayed to become priests, monks and paladins, usually the ones who were not first in line in the order of succession. Being an orphan of lower social status, Magnus was often the subject of teasing. This has inspired him to be kind to others in life.
While he learned to read, write and do math like everyone else, it was clear early on that he favoured the more physical disciplines. Therefore, he was trained as a warrior, a paladin, rather than a priest or cleric.

He has some knowledge of healing, in particular field medicine, deities and what they stand for and monsters.
He has furthermore received education in basic rhetoric, though he rarely uses it.

Magnus is a member of the Circle Defense Forces, holding the rank of Paragon.

Played by Mushu84

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