Played by ColonelTwitch (Malieger)

Malieger is a human wizard of indeterminate age. Quiet until roused, Malieger appears hostile to almost everyone he meets. Vociferous opponent of the Thay and the Circle Defense Forces. Allegedly in the employ of one Slaith Drachinas, but with Slaith's constant absences, finds himself running around without a leash more often than not. Proprietor the Watchful Eye, a mercenary service.

  • Race: Human Male
  • Nationality Danotian
  • Age: Indeterminate
  • Hair: White and Thinning
  • Eyes: Pale Blue
  • Build: Bones
  • Appearance: Possesses many scars, the most obvious being the scar covering the lower half of his face, almost as if it had been cut off at some point.
  • Languages Known: Common, Beholder 619, Draconic, a large number of Planar languages
  • Profession: Summoner, Conjurer, Soldier, Cynic, and Arcanist of Boccob the Uncaring
  • Specialities: Spellcraft, Planar Negotiations, Knowledge of the Planes, Arcana, Battlefield Medicine, and Common Sense. Knowledge of scrying and teleportation.

Weapon: An obviously magical staff crafted of what *appears* to be mithril and ivory. At first glance, the tiny orbs that swarm around the staff appear to be radiating from the staff, but those with any measure of knowledge (Spellcraft DC 23) will realize that they are actually sentient orbs of energy, similiar to Foxfires and Will-O-Wisps who are drawn to the staff. They are easily frightened and scatter whenenver Malieger makes a sudden movement with the staff, reforming around it once he becomes still again.

Armor: Robes of the purest white accented by a white cloak with red trim "bloodstripes". This is the traditional uniform of the Danotian military. The cloak is fastened with a red steel broach depicting the symbol of Boccob, an eye sitting inside a pentagram.

Anyone with the gift of true sight may note that Malieger's current appearance is, in fact, a powerful illusion.

The circumstances under which Malieger has arrived and remains on the island remain a mystery to all by a tiny handful of individuals.

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