Played by Kagali

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Merimac Brushe
  • Race: Halfling
  • Classes: 20 Monk
  • Age:: 30-ish when he died
  • Height: 3 feet, 3 inches
  • Hair: Rich, dark red
  • Eyes: Light brown…well, WOULD be, if they weren't glowing with an eerie, bright purple light.
  • Marks: Tattoos seemingly covering every inch of his body, inked in black and dark purple. Has yet to reveal their meaning/purpose, but recently, he finds that they sometimes glow a bright green during emotionally charged moments.
  • Patron Deity: Brandobaris
  • Location: Nobody really knows. He died somewhere on the mainland, but Phoenix, Akaro, and Millia aren't forthcoming about HOW it happened.


As a young child, Merimac was a common orphan, living on the streets in some as-yet-unnamed city, scrounging and scavenging just to get by. As he grew older, his skills advanced, and he became better and better at taking things….first, he only took what he needed, and then, by force, he took whatever he wanted from whomever he could; race mattered not. One day, he came across a fairly old woman that carried herself with much strength and confidence…and a big, rattling pouch of gold, dangling from her belt. Being unable to resist, he tailed her, following her, getting closer and closer…until, finally, he gathered the will to pounce at her. She was not what she seemed, though, as the world faded into darkness shortly after…

He had apparently attacked a monk. One that was actually looking for him. And he fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. When he awoke, he was strapped to a bed, with the old-ish woman (she had white hair and some wrinkles, but otherwise retained much of her youth) standing over him with a victorious, smug grin. She then convinced him to become a member of her order…the Order of Brandobaris. Millia, his captor and teacher, taught him everything about the deity of luck, fortune, and grandiose tales. Meri, desiring to either see these tales unfold in reality or make one of his own, asked if he could journey out of the temple to do so. Millia, with a strangely knowing smile, sent him to Thain.

Ever since he set foot on its shores, he has apparently been a social busybody, befriending people left and right. Amongst his closer companions are yohirrhil, Meggie Fionn, anestar-jane-jinxxy, Corian Munelen, Dano Leonsen, celeste-melie, Tavi, Pippi Dabble, peter-highhill, and many, many others. Of course, due to his ever-burgeoning luck, the closest of all of them is merta-phoenix-anisai-brushe, his precious and beloved wife, of whom he may be just a little too protective. With her, he enjoyed many great years of having his time fully occupied with a pair of rather rambunctious twins; a girl with red hair like his, named Millia, and a boy with hair like Merta's, named Akaro.

Has has since met a mysterious and untimely death, an event that the entire family seems to refuse to talk about. Nobody outside of his family knows of how it happened, but it's clear from how it weighs on those he left behind that it is very likely an extremely tragic tale.

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