Phoenix Anisai

(( Played by legolasgirl1987 ))
Full Name: Phoenix Anisai
Race: Halfling
Class: 10 Druid 10 Shifter
Profession: Ward of Nature
Hair: Colour varies, shoulder length hair usually in a ponytail
Eyes: Silver
Marks: A large scar down the left hand side of her torso, and Druidic tattoos covering about 80% of her body.
Other notable features: she always wears a headband, she always wears either leather armor or armor made out of Umberhulk Bone Plates, has various weapons and her eyes and tattoos seem to glow red when she gets very angry.
Location: the-crossroads or sandburrow-bay
Affliations: Ex Keeper of Thain, Rightsized Maiden.
Langauages Known: Sylvan (fluent), Elven (fluent), Spoken Drow (semi-fluent), Draconic (fluent), common (semi-fluent)

Current events

Phoenix is now investigating the Adumbral woods, to see if she can find a way to pacify the spiders and stop them from attacking Hamley, which causes both sides major casualties.


Originally called Phoenix Anisai, this little orphan was taken in by a group of savage druids known as the BlackFoot Druids. They were an evil gang of druids bent on protecting nature at all costs. It is later discovered however that they were controlled by bloodthirsty mages and since the mages have been destroyed the druids return to their peaceful ways.

Phoenix was thrown into the the-underdark at the age of ten for her final trial before becoming a druid, thanks to a Formian colony she survived down there for three years before making her way back to the surface. When she returned to the druids they began her druid training which took about 5 years. One thing that has always separated Phoenix from typical druids was the fact she could shift into a wolf even before she became a druid.

Akaro her mentor wanted a better life for her and sent her to the island of Thain to escape her old life. Given the name Merta Brushe she was soon found by Krin and jalla-desat who decided after spending some time with her to invite her into their family and pack. Not long before that she began her journey as a shifter, and with Krin and Jalla's advice she has grown into her own. She confessed her love to merimac and they started a family of their own, as well as started their own pack. They got married whilst on the mainland helping out Merta's old friends, the BlackFoot Druids. Merta gave birth two twins; one boy named Akaro in honour of Merta's mentor and one girl named Millia in honour of Meri's mentor. Her mentor Akaro stayed with them to look after the children until He was called back to the mainland to lead the druids in their time of need. She was also the Alpha of Pack pack-fire-storm a pack she created when she left pack-far-runner to start her own family. Known as Draug'elle (Elven for Little Wolf) to her closest friends and family, she also has a business known as little-wolf-phillian-and-celestes-blessings-of-nature that she co-ran with Phillian and celeste-melie.

Merta enjoyed all of her shifting abilities but because of the pressures of the history of shifters on the island thanks to Amel, Merta reconsidered her choice of lifestyle. She decided to strengthen her connection to nature while forsaking most of her shifting abilities. However she did decide to keep her shifter roots and can still shift into a few forms… a lot less than she could but she didn't regret her decision until it threatened her life. As she began her new path, she was accepted into the ranks of the Keepers. Wearing her blue robes proudly, she was more free spirited than the rest of the Keepers but she still held their principles in high regard. She is very outspoken now, a lot more than she used to be. She still tended to spend a good deal of her time in Hamley with her children and husband, she went on patrols to ensure that any threats are kept in check. Sadly though due to her druidic powers increasing too fast she didn't have the discipline to cope and nearly ended up killing herself by drowning. As a result, and she began to turn back to her shifter nature.

After suffering from more shifter problems that nearly ended her life, Merta underwent a ritual to fix the mishap she had when performing a ritual to awaken her shifting abilities. Sadly she needed to sacrifice her memories of Thain in order to complete the ritual. After suffering from severe memory loss for a few months, a fated meeting with a Raven triggered a memory cascade that return most of her memories to her. The Raven had been in fact Jalla, a figure Phoenix had always considered a mother to her. When Phoenix confronted Akaro about why her memories returned when he said they wouldn't, he told her that he was trying to get her to comes back home to realise her destiny. She was outraged with him trying to take her away from her family and completely severed all ties from him and the blackfoot druids. She ditched the name Merta Brushe to help her forget Akaro's betrayal and went abck to using her old name Phoenix Anisai.

Little Wolf, Phillian and Celeste's Blessings of Nature

A business that was originally called Little Wolf's potions. Merta founded this business after learning to create potions, she has also now branched into making spell gems in addition to her potions. Phillian d'Adumar one of Merta's good friends also was experimenting with making his own magical stuff to sell, Merta and Phil became partners so they could reach more people and make a lot more items for selling. Merta unfortunately was threatened by friends of Draico Westein who felt that Merta was taking away his costumers. ((Although it may have had something to do with the fact Merta told people about Draico being a necromancer. Her excuse being that people deserve to know about the person they are buying off of)) she faded the business away temporarily while she took care of some issues in her old home on the mainland, when she came back she restarted the business and added another partner to it as well.

Celeste Melie wanted to join the business so that she could sell resurrection scrolls at a cheaper price than temple merchants, Merta and Phillian accepted and Celeste became part of the team.

Merta Sells Potions and spell gems and also sells light gems that she obtains from the Underdark to people who dare not go down there. Merta has been known to make wands but she prefers not to as they are a little too expensive to make.

Phillian Sells potions (more powerful than Merta's but also more expensive), scrolls, and wands.

Celeste Sells Resurrection scrolls.

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